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101 Badass Truck Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

Choosing a Name for Your Truck

There’s nothing quite like a huge truck to make you feel like king (or queen) of the road! Having a huge truck comes with many perks: You can handle many types of terrain, you won’t get stuck on flooded roads, they hold up well in an accident, oh, and you can go muddin’! With all of these plusses, how could you not want to be a proud truck owner?

With a truck, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck anywhere until it’s way up there in miles. It’s nice to know someone with a big truck for this reason--if you get stuck, you know who to call to either pull you out or give you a tow! Big trucks also tend to be easier to work on since you don’t need to creep as low in order to gain access to the underside to make repairs. The only downside, in my opinion, would be that the tires are more expensive, but what do you expect with all of that rubber?

Why do people name their vehicles? Well, there is no cut and dry answer for this, but personally, I feel like anything that costs a lot of money and that you spend so much time driving around in should be given a name! Many people name their vehicles to make it more personal to them, asserting some kind of special bond. Usually those who have named their vehicle will be found outside on the weekends bathing, detailing, and waxing their motor-baby to keep it in tip-top shape!

Now with all of this in mind and that beautiful, new truck shining in your driveway, I bet you already have a few ideas drumming around in your brain! But before you go picking a name, you should read through the following list of names that are great for trucks!

130+ Good Car Names

101 Badass Truck Names

American Machine
The Annihilator
Iron Giant
Asphalt Assault
Iron Man
Azog the Defiler
Jolly Green Giant
The Barbarian
The Judge
Judgement Day
Big Texan
Black Beauty
Black Magic
Mangled Metal
Bone Crusher
Muddy Muffler
Mud Slinger
The Butcher
The Outlaw
Paul Bunyon
Piston Pete
Chick Magnet
Prius Pummeler
Chop Shop Savage
The Punisher
Compact Crusher
Road Kill
Dark Knight
Road Reaper
Death Street
Demolition Man
Dry Socket
Screamin' Banshee
Engine Execution
The Equalizer
Street Sweeper
The Fordhammer
Freight Train
The Terminator
Thing 1
The Goblin Cleaver
Toyota Destroya
Grave Digger
Green Machine
Truckasaurus Rex
Heavy Pedal
White Shadow
Honda Hunter
Widow Maker
The Hulk
Wild Thing
Hummer Killer
Wicked Wrecker
Hunk Machine
Hybrid Hunter
Zombie Slayer

Tips for Naming Your Truck

Still haven't found the perfect name your your new ride? No worries! Nicknaming your truck can be simple if you focus on the following tips!

  • Tough. Truck nicknames should sound like something that you don’t want to mess with or get in the way of! Fierce names will scream “don’t mess with me!” and “get out of my way!”

  • Color. If your truck has a rockin’ color, use this as inspiration to finding the perfect nickname! Deep blacks, cherry reds, or bright colors out of the norm! Whatever color it is, inspiration can be found!

  • Recreational activities. Surely you don’t just have a truck for daily commute; there’s always more to it! Whether you’re one who likes off-roading, mudding, or even towing other vehicles, this can be helpful when thinking of truck names!

  • Owner personality. Surely the truck is a reflection of the owner, right? So giving the truck a name that is suitable to your own personality can deepen the bond you have with your truck and also let others know a bit about you as well!

You will only have to go through truck nicknames once as once you pick the name and acquire the appropriate decals to shout it to the world, you’re done! Take your time thinking of the best name possible, avoiding any “Jr.” names because they are quite tacky when naming any vehicle!

Once you've picked a great, badass truck name, you and your new ride can drive off into the sunset, or into a mob of ravenous zombies, together!



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    • profile image

      Adam 8 months ago

      My friends and I call mine Truck Norris.

    • profile image

      billy 7 months ago

      whats a good name for an 85 ford ranger

    • profile image

      Carlos G. 6 months ago

      Named my Jeep = mud skeeder

    • profile image

      Illidan S. 6 months ago

      What would be a good name for a dark purple 97 dodge Dakota?

    • profile image

      Tim C 6 months ago

      dark purple 97 dodge Dakota = Purple Sludge

    • profile image

      Wyatt 4 months ago

      Name for a 2002 green Duramax?

    • profile image

      Jj watt 3 months ago

      What's a good name for a 02 ford ranger edge with a 3.0

    • profile image

      Giuseppe 2 months ago

      My lifted '86 K-10 short bed Chevy's named "Truck Truck" makes me smile just sayin' it

    • profile image

      Russ 2 months ago

      85 ford ranger...ranger rick

    • profile image

      bob 8 weeks ago

      what is agood name for a gold silverado

    • profile image

      Ana 8 weeks ago

      I just got a 79 chevy and shes a beast im gonna paint her burnt orange what should i name her?

    • profile image

      Jazz 8 weeks ago

      Gold Stallion

    • profile image

      Dillon 7 weeks ago

      I have 07.5 Dodge ram 3500 pearl black cab and chassis with a cm skirted flatbed, whats a good name for the ole girl?

    • profile image

      Hector G. 7 weeks ago

      I call my Ram 1500 NIGHTRAIN

    • profile image

      Andy 3 weeks ago

      What about for an 1962 Chevy Truck

    • profile image

      Paul 2 weeks ago

      I have 1976 black gold Chevy with 396 what do have for names

    • profile image

      Wes 2 weeks ago

      whats a good name for a 1990 red toyota extra cab pickup

    • profile image

      Tarek Chamma 13 days ago

      I have a Grey 2015 Suszuki Jimny .. called her El Burrito (after a small donkey)

      My 320E Mercedes coupe 1996 model (May God bless it's beastly soul) was called: Wild Thing .. (pronounced "Waaaayld Thin').

      and Finally my brothers 2016 1500 RAM Laramie is called "Moby Dick" and i believe thats the best name as it is white in color.

      Hope this helps.

    • profile image

      Johnny 6 days ago

      I got a brand new sky blue Western Star 5700? Anyone got any good names??

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