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Cool Trucker Names and CB Handles

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I dare anyone to watch a good trucker movie an not at least think about going out to get a CB radio to put in their car. I know I have.

Truck driving on U.S. Hwy 395.

Truck driving on U.S. Hwy 395.

Truck Driver Names: A Trucker Ain't a Trucker Without One

Picking out a good trucker nickname may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when learning to drive an 18-wheeler, but it'll quickly come to fruition if you're doing long hauls on the road.

CB radios (or similar alternatives) are still found in practically all big trucks. They really come in handy for finding out information from other drivers in your same vicinity, and are real life-savers for avoiding traffic problems. Oh, and let's not forget that a CB is kind of a necessity for talking to the warehouse workers that load and unload your trailer.

The one other major excuse for having a good CB radio in your truck is for entertainment purposes. Long hauls can get boring, and listening to the radio can only go so far. Sometimes a driver needs a little back and forth interaction... and that's where the CB comes in.

While some drivers may not mind giving their real names when talking to strangers, many may want to be a little more discreet, which is where having a CB handle comes into play.

The list of trucker names and CB handles below is my attempt at helping soon to be truck drivers discover a good nickname to use while on the road. Thanks for giving it a chance, and I really do hope it can help you in some way or another. I would also like to say, "Thank you for all that you do, because you make this country run.".

Trucker Names That Will Blow Your Mind

Luna Moon


Evil Eyeball

Spanish Werewolf

Big Bee

Dead Head


Whole Wheat


Tennessee Timber

Rock Jaw

Little Blue Weasel


Snow Man

Painkiller Jane

Black and Tan

Red Moon Rising


Holy Roller

Blue Jaguar

Double Nickel

Texas Lizard

Grave Robber

Rat Man

Buster Brown

Purple Worm

Fire Ball

Grand Daddy Low

Shutter Bug

Trap Door

Mad Monk

Cry Baby


The Last of the Cowboys

If you ever get a chance to do a ride along with a truck driver, you'll likely get to experience something unlike anything you ever have before. A big part of this life of hauling freight on the road is using the CB radio (or similar device) found in almost all big trucks to talk to other truck drivers. While this can be a great way to pass the time, I need to issue a word of warning... a lot of truck drivers use rather colorful language to say the least, and they don't care what others think of them that much.

Cool Trucker Nicknames for the Guys

Fluffy Duck

Rocket Man

Big Buster

Rusty Nail


Born Loser

Guitar Hero

Mile High




Funky Uncle

King Love

Love Machine

Mister Mean

The Burly Californian

Tack Man

Good and Plenty


Bad Lighting

Little Ben



Silver Globe



Mister Nice Guy

Dead Weather

Mad Dog

Wicker Man

King of Nye

Swamp Thing


CB Handle Names That Will Help You Talk Like a Trucker

  • Big Hunk: Probably not a good idea to give yourself CB names like this one, unless you can really back the claim.
  • Black Moon: A driver who drives a black truck and likes to drive at night could pick this one as their cool nickname.
  • Doctor Hump: Funny trucker names... who would've thought?
  • Gentle Giant: Plenty of people out there who fit this description.
  • Peeps: A friend to many, and many friends to speak of.
  • Shaken Not Stirred: If you've ever rode in some of the older truck, then you know some of them aren't exactly the smoothest ride; but this call sign could also be used for someone who loves James Bond movies too.
  • Strawberry Bowler: A truck driver who has red hair and a big fan of bowling? Who knew such a thing existed?
  • Summer Lover: Good CB nicknames given by your partner or that special someone is always a welcome surprise.
  • Zookeeper: Someone who always keeps the peace during chaos.

Eastbound and Down

Smoky and the Bandit was one of my earliest exposures to the truck driving and CB radio culture. In fact, I enjoyed the film so much that I immediately proclaimed to my parents my plan to become a member of the 18-wheeler club when I grew up.

I took every opportunity when on the interstate with my paw to do the "horn pump" with my arm when passing a truck, and to my amazement, most of them responded in kind by giving me a horn toot for real. Sadly, those dreams were never realized due to other opportunities coming up, but from time to time I do think to myself... what if?

Awesome Trucker Nicknames for the Ladies

Bijou Kitten

Killer Moon

Sweet Peach


Shaky Lady

Tiny Tart

Pink Flamingo

Windmill Girl


Sleepy Cat

Nashville Sour

Day Dreamer


Rainy Daze


Play Bird

Star Dust

Cabbage Patch

Fair Lady




Yukon Gold

Nickel Queen

Moon Walker

Greasy Granny


Blue Malibu

Orange Phoenix

Spider Baby


Kung-Fu Vixen

Elder Flower

Trucker Names to Make You Proud

  • Dragonfly: Trucker nicknames like this one would be great for a driver who had a tattoo of a dragonfly.
  • High Plains Drifter: Some truckers are just wanderers at heart.
  • Incredible Hack: This would make a great nickname for truckers who know all the shortcuts of not only the trucking industry, but in other areas of life as well. The best part is that they are willing to share those secrets with others.
  • Kentucky Miss: What female driver wouldn't want CB handles like this one?
  • Miss .45: For someone who is a fan of the movie, or just a fan of guns.
  • River Rock: I know a big rig driver who likes to pull over near streams, creeks and rivers to skip stones whenever she gets the chance. She says it's a real stress reliever from the pressures of the road.
  • Suckers: Sweet tooth anyone?
  • Uncle Chopper: An uncle who drives trucks and rides motorcycles.

Cool Trucker Talk to Use With Your Awesome CB Nickname

The trucking and CB radio community really does have a language all of it's own. Driving big rigs and talking the talk is really the only way to become familiar with the chatter you'll hear while living the trucker life, but knowing a little before hand may save you a bit of light ridicule from your fellow truckers. You may even be able to convince the other truckers that you're not a rookie in the business... but probably not. No matter the result, you'll at least be able to carry on a half-way decent conversation with your fellow truck drivers.

Truck drivers are the only ones that know the best places to stop on the road.

— Carole Eastman

More Really Cool Trucker and CB Handles

Big Black Mack

French Jinn



Weekend Dove

Big Cube

Dirty Dan

Dirtier Diana

Whopper Topper


Slow Poke

Liquid Devil

Muddy Duck

Golden Goose

Star Hop

Twilight Phantom

Officer Friendly


Magic Man


Red Vine

Red Herring

Little Paint

Big O


Stranger Danger

Mad Fox

Jamaica Zen

Connor Voy

Red Cap

Rubber Duck

Happy Falcon


Looks Like We've Got Ourselves A Convoy

Above is a really great truck driver song that inspired a very solid trucker flick directed by the legendary Sam Peckinpah. While the movie is great, the song is fantastic. The chit chat on the CB radios throughout the song is great and fits seamlessly with the whole. Playing the tune while in a truck, as a part of a convoy... is pretty damn cool.

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