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The Ford Ranger Tremor

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The Ford Ranger codenamed T6 is soon to be replaced by a new Ranger, an ugly, alien-looking truck worthy of the Xenomorph race in the Alien franchise.

The T6 is a great truck, make no mistake. I've driven the Wildtrak version here in Asia and I have to say this truck fits the environment perfectly with all these undeveloped and unpaved roads. It's the next best thing to a Ranger Raptor. Or is it?


Lookie here

The Raptor brand has been Ford's attempt at creating a truck where customers need not customize their truck. It's already been done for them. But even then, Ford is still offering it's customers who've purchased a Ranger 200 custom options to make their truck even more off road capable. I've even seen these things get airborne and land hard but survive and drive off effortlessly after doing what would literally destroy an ordinary truck.

However, much to the bewilderment of all Americans and those living in the Continental United States, we don't get the Ranger Raptor. In its place, we get a Graboid. Although, I'm not sure it can eat Burt Gummer.

And another source of dismay is we only get one engine option. And that goes for all Rangers, no matter the trim level; XL, XLT or Lariat. We get a 2.3L EcoBoost Turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine. Is it good? Plenty good. Is it a bad thing? Not exactly. It basically means we can't opt for another engine even if we wanted to but I suppose some modders out there would fit a V6 or V8 under the hood.

I mean, it's not impossible. One merely needs the money and the will to modify their truck then have it registered with their local DMV and ta-daa! Imagine a Tremor with a 5.7L Hemi or a 6.7L Cummins diesel under the hood. Wouldn't that be a sight?


ATV Mode

Since this is, after all, a Tremor, I'm assuming this will handle things a Raptor can do. Let's see my pre-drive inspection. Fox shocks? Check. Bash plates? Check. Off-road tires? Check. 4WD? Check. Alright, then, let's get this show on the road.

On first impressions, the suspension is a little bit rough like most pickups or the Wildtrak. That's understandable as these trucks are generally built around a ladder frame chassis (Ridgeline is not a pickup).

For those of you who don't know what a ladder frame chassis is, think of a ladder, put it on the ground and add a wheel on each corner. Got it?

Ladder chassis are known to be extremely robust and rigid and near indestructible which is why most pickups use them. Even some military vehicles like the MTVR or FMTV use them. They're designed for off-roading not on-roading.


Play time

When you hit gravel or sand or mud, this is where the ladder chassis comes to play. I had so much fun, I nearly crashed my test unit because, despite being labelled only a Tremor, this thing flies like a bat out of hell! No, I promise you.

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I was able to do 80 to 100 mph on sand and gravel. Try that with any other pickup, I dare you. Hell, I double dare you. Go for it. See if you won't split your truck in half. See, the Fox shocks mounted at the back are designed also for off road excursions. They're so big and fat, they'll eat anything you throw at them and swallow it too.

The bash plates, too, are doing a fine job of keeping the parts under my truck's skirt protected. The way I was driving, I could hear the bash plates moaning and groaning and the suspension clickety-clacking until I remembered it isn't my truck. I admit, I gave the truck a little too much punishment.

Ride height is 9.7 inches - up from the standard Ranger's 8.4 to 8.9 inches. This makes the Tremor a good off road choice. As for the wading, all Rangers except the Raptor have standard 800mm wading depth. The Raptor, being the king, has 850mm wading depth which also makes this a superb truck if you want to go through a flooded street.



Mudding is one of my favorites because it's essentially the ultimate test of your truck's off road capabilities as well as your own driving skill. Mash the throttle too much and you'll be unable to see things clearer thus getting yourself stuck. Go too slow and you risk sinking into the mud and getting stuck and ultimately dying because no one rescued you and you couldn't rescue yourself.

My favorite is actually just driving it really fast in a sandy road like 5 Mile Pass in Utah or Saline Road in Death Valley, California. I'm not a serious off roader so I generally prefer an off road capable truck with off road capabilities.

That being said, why not just buy a Honda Ridgeline or the new Ford Maverick or even the Hyundai Santa Cruz? As I mentioned earlier in this blog, the trucks I just mentioned are not real pickup trucks.



To be honest, I don't really know what to say. This truck is just as capable of going off road as a Raptor and there aren't many things I can see wrong with this truck. I'm told it can never be as good as a Raptor and that may be the case for some people.

As for me, I think this is good enough. I've mentioned earlier that I've driven the Wildtrak version of this truck and I'd say the Ranger Tremor slots in between the Wildtrak and the Raptor.

It has a Raptor-like exterior package which is sublime and it has the towing and truck bed capacity of the Wildtrak. It can tow about 3.5 tons and can carry about 1 ton in the truck bed more or less.

Is this truck the next best thing? Absolutely! Is this truck a baby? Certainly! It's a Wildtrak and a Raptor into one package and I think that's simply epic.

Should you get one? Depends on your lifestyle or if you've got the money for it. Would I buy one? Definitely.

In orange.

4 stars only because the T6 Raptor still isn't available in America


2.3L Turbo Inline-4


270 hp/310 lb⋅ft




10 speed automatic

Ripley's believe it or not!

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