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How to Relocate the Muffler on Your Jeep Wrangler JK

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Give Your Jeep Wrangler JK a New and Better Muffler

If you look at the back of your Jeep Wrangler JK there is a huge unsightly muffler hanging down from the rear. You can easily mount a new muffler in a different place for a more aggressive sound and cleaner look. You will get additional horsepower and ground clearance. Ready to learn? Then read on.

You will need a new muffler to do this relocation. Pick a muffler with left-side-in and left-side-out pipes. Buy a good-quality muffler to avoid rust. And be sure to pre-measure the area underneath the vehicle to see if your muffler will fit. We chose a Magnaflow muffler for its aggressive sound.

One more thing: This job may require some welding to do it right, so be prepared, or you can use muffler clamps.


How to Relocate the Muffler to Under the Driver's-Side Seat on a Jeep Wrangler JK

Locate the area under the driver's-side seat area under the vehicle that has a long section of muffler pipe (see photo below). This is where you will be removing a section of the exhaust pipe.

Place your new muffler into that area to see if it will fit into the frame area, without hitting any metal. Make sure the muffler pipe outputs line up correctly with the Jeep's exhaust piping. They should be left side to left side outputs.

If there is adequate space to mount the new muffler, and nothing is hitting, then you have done it right. Now you are ready to measure and cut the pipe.


Measure Thrice and Cut Twice

In this case, you will want to triple check your measurements, and then you will be cutting the pipe twice! Or in two areas.

When measuring you want to make sure you leave enough of the pipe on the Jeep so it will slide into the muffler piping (see photos below).

Measure where you want to cut and mark with a permanent marker. Measure again to be sure, and then check again.

Use a cutting saw and cut the pipe. Then test fit the muffler onto the pipes.

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Choose High-Quality Installation Parts

Once the muffler is fitted it should stay in place without any clamps or welding to hold it in place. If it doesn't, then you probably cut too much pipe and you may have to weld it in place.

Purchase high-quality rust-resistant muffler clamps that bolt down evenly (see the photos below). This will ensure an even clamp over the entire connection surface.

Tighten down the clamp on both sides, and your new muffler is installed. But we are not quite done yet.

Removing the Old Jeep JK Muffler

Now that the new muffler is installed you may think we are done. But we are not! Don't forget the reason why we are doing this in the first place: to get rid of that big clunky rusted out muffler in the back. So that is what we have to do next.

Go to the rear of your Jeep Wrangler JK and locate where the muffler attaches to the exhaust piping. Remove that bolt from the clamp.

Then locate where the muffler is attached to the frame by the rubber muffler hanger or isolator and with a large pair of channel lock pliers remove the muffler hanger. See the third photo below for placement of the channel lock pliers.

Once the hanger is removed, you can safely remove the muffler assembly. This may require both hands or two people. You may have to move the muffler side-to-side to break it free from the clamp area as over time this may have rusted.

Once removed, you can discard the muffler assembly and the exhaust pipe section you cut off earlier at your local metal recycling center.

It Is Time to Get a New Tail

Once the old muffler is removed, you will have an exhaust pipe that vents out underneath the vehicle. This is a big no-no in some states and for safety reasons should not be left this way. You do not want exhaust fumes underneath the vehicle.

Therefore, you will need to attach a new exhaust pipe that vents out past the frame of the vehicle. Here you can get as creative as you want, and vent straight back, to the side, or however, you want. Any muffler shop or exhaust pipe supplier can sell you a section of piping, either bent or straight.

Simply mount the piping into the stock mounting clamp and re-tighten. Then cut off any excess you have.

Now you can leave the bare pipe as is, or you can add a new exhaust tip for a better look. If you install a tip, you may have to cut off more of the exhaust pipe, so it does not stick out too far. We added an exhaust tip, and we have been happy ever since with the look and sound.

Best of all, we got rid of some extra weight, and got more clearance in the back.

So if you want to do a cool upgrade for your JK, then you might want to consider relocating the muffler. If anything, it will make your JK stand out from a lot of others on the road when they wonder where your muffler is!!!

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