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How to Use a Truck-Mounted Snowplow to Move Snow Into Piles

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Using a "Plow Truck"

It's not complicated. A plow truck is a truck that has a plow mounted on the front.

This particular plow is controllable from a control unit inside the cab. There is a toggle for up and down, and another for mowing plow position from left, to center, to right, and back to the other side.

Plow blade with hydraulics

Plow blade with hydraulics

The toggles for controlling the plow blade

The toggles for controlling the plow blade

How to Plow

Spot where you want the snow to go, then start driving toward that target area. Once your truck is moving, drop the plow, using the controls, into the snow you want to remove along the way. Gently accelerate towards the target area till you are almost there.

You get my drift ... (this is where we giggle together...or not.)

When you are almost there, abruptly remove your foot from the accelerator; you will come to a jarring stop once your plow can no longer push.

Put the plow up by pressing the "up" button. On our model, you return the toggle to center position or the electric pump will continue to run.

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My target area. The piles are where the snow gets pushed to.

My target area. The piles are where the snow gets pushed to.

This is a large area

This is a large area

Back up and Make Another Trip

Put the truck in reverse and back up. Use your mirrors. Watch out for objects behind you!

Find your next batch of snow to push, and repeat the process.

Mirror used to back up

Mirror used to back up

Troubleshooting a Plow Stuck at an Angle

My plow got stuck in an angled position. I assumed the fluid must be low, so I figured out how to open the hood and look.

So when I pulled the latch inside the cab, the hood popped up, but there was another latch under the center of the hood that I had to press sideways to release the hood.

My fluid levels were fine. Everything seemed intact. But the blade seemed to be twisted sideways. Stuck. So, I found an ice chisel and pried the blade with a little leverage. Then, I went inside the cab and pressed the left-right toggle switch.

Halelujah! The plow moved back to the center position!

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