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Best Mods for Your Dodge Ram SRT-10 Viper Truck

Luke is a college graduate and student athlete. He has been a car enthusiast since age 9 and continues to share his expertise on cars.

Dodge Viper Truck

Dodge Viper Truck

Let Me Introduce You to the Viper Truck

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 Viper Truck is a legendarily powerful performance pickup truck that remains a hot commodity on the used truck market. Beating at the heart of every Ram SRT-10 Viper is the same V10 engine that powered the Dodge Viper and even made its way into the Hellcat muscle car in 2009 when it was still a concept. The 8.3-liter HEMI V10 puts out 500 horsepower and 525 pound-feet of torque at the crank, which translates into incredibly impressive pickup performance.

Current and future owners of the Ram SRT-10 can benefit from relatively simple bolt-on performance enhancements and other mods that greatly improve the power delivery and handling.

Intake and Air Delivery Mods

One of the simplest and most affordable mods that you can do is to add a cold-air intake that boosts airflow and gives you a modest increase in horsepower and torque. A high-flow air filter that you can reuse with annual cleanings and recharging with provided oil can give about a 5 percent boost in horsepower and torque. The setup also typically improves throttle response and can modify the exhaust note.

If you really want to spend some money on bolt-on power, you could opt for a supercharger and tuner kit that will set you back a few grand. The supercharger completely changes the nature of the already potent Viper V10 and can push horsepower and torque at the rear-drive wheels to more than 700 of each.


Fuel Delivery and ECU Mods

The fuel injection always can get better with larger throttle bodies, a ported chamber and an atomizer to improve fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. The more air that goes in, the more fuel the engine needs to run properly. That increase in air and fuel in the combustion chamber adds up to significantly more power and better performance—especially with ported throttle bodies that deliver more fuel to the combustion chamber.

Virtually all modern engines have computers that control the fuel delivery. If you mount a cold-air intake and a ported throttle body, your engine could benefit from a new ECU with performance settings. An ECU that is calibrated for better performance can take advantage of the increase in fuel and air and make the engine use it more efficiently while producing significantly more power.


High-Flow Exhaust Enhances Sound and Performance

When the engine gets more air and fuel, it produces more exhaust. The faster the truck’s exhaust system removes the byproduct of the combustion process, the faster clean air can flow in and keep producing maximum power.

You can buy entire exhaust systems that increase the exhaust flow from the headers to the tailpipe. Many of the best typically have larger diameter pipes and less restrictive internals to scavenge the exhaust gases more thoroughly and quickly. They improve power and throttle response and weigh less than most stock exhaust systems, so your motor has less mass to move around.


Drive-Train Upgrades

The four-speed automatic 48RE transmission is a fine workhorse for most vehicles, but the monstrous horsepower and torque that the Ram SRT-10 delivers easily overwhelms many of its stock components. Among the most vulnerable is the clutch, which can run through plates more quickly than many models that use the 48RE transmission.

Aftermarket clutches and other transmission components can improve engine engagement with the rear wheels while also cooling the heat created inside the transmission. You also can add more gears and get better performance from your Ram SRT-10.

A carbon fiber drive shaft can help to reduce weight and spin mass while doing a better job and transferring power to the rear-drive wheels. Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter than steel, which means more torque and horsepower sent to your rear wheels while lightening the load. A lighter driveshaft also puts less wear and tear on the transmission and differential.


Carbon Fiber Body Parts Improve Looks and Aerodynamics

Many aftermarket suppliers offer carbon fiber body parts that will reduce the SRT-10’s weight and reduce drag. An aftermarket hood made of carbon fiber can save a lot of weight over the stock hood and give the truck an appropriately aggressive look. The same goes for side rails, flanges, and even entire fenders or quarter panels.

Anything that reduces the weight while improving strength, looks and aerodynamics and that you can bolt on in an afternoon in the garage is a great addition to the already impressive Ram SRT-10 Viper truck.