5 Things I Hate About the Jeep Wave

Updated on March 31, 2019
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When Jeepin runs in your DNA
When Jeepin runs in your DNA | Source

I hate these 5 things about the Jeep wave - First What is the Wave?

When you purchase a Jeep you are not just buying an ordinary car, you are joining a community. One of passionate and loyal brand followers. We dont buy Jeeps to merely drive, we buy them to enjoy, upgrade, and seek out adventure.

One long standing tradition of Jeep owners is the "WAVE" which is a hand recognition to other like Jeep owners recognizing each persons wise choice to be a part of the Jeep community.

So if you are lucky enough to own a Jeep Wrangler and are passionate about the brand and are a true member of the community then I know you wave. For all the others who dont deserve the open top adventuring lifestyle of the Jeep this is for you - The 5 things I hate about the Jeep wave...

Number 5 - Those who think a sticker is a wave

I hate people who put a sticker of a hand on their Jeep and think that this is a wave.


I realize that some people may be to lazy to wave and think that a mere decal will suffice, but we are talking about a passionate bunch of Jeep owners here, we are proud of our Jeeps and demand respect! So get of your "lazy hands" and wave.

Now there is a proper place for a Jeep sticker and that is if you are willing and able - and DO Wave - but just have the sticker in the rare times you miss a wave here or there. This is perfectly acceptable because - HEY - we all miss a wave here or there.

And believe me each missed wave pains a Jeep owner.

Number 4 - Waves from Unlike Jeeps

There are some unwritten rules in Jeep waving. One is that this is mostly for Jeep Wrangler owners. But there is no rule that other Jeep owners cannot wave to each other. But it is mostly done between owners of other Wrangler owners.

But in some places there are owners of Jeep Cherokee XJs that wave to each other and Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ owners who do likewise.

But as a general rule Wrangler owners wave to other Wrangler owners (CJs are also in this group). Confused? Well you will get it. So you dont have to wave to every Jeep out there, just the ones that are like yours, AND AGAIN, mostly this applies only to Wrangler owners.

There is one exception here, if there is a Jeep owner who has a really NICE and BUILT OUT Jeep they may wave to you, in that case WAVE back! Its only right!

Number 3 - Arrogant Jeep Wavers

They are out there! You know those owners of Jeeps who think they are better than the tradition, better then the brand. The ones who only wave after you wave because they think they have a better Jeep then you and deserve first recognition.

It is true that some Jeeps are built out better than other Jeeps but just like in a gym some bodies are more developed than others, so is the same with Jeeps. We all had to put in the work we are just at different stages. Some Jeeps are just more built than others.

Don't be the arrogant Jeep owner who feels entitled to a wave first, or does not give them at all. I have that! Just wave and wave often, encourage others to build their Jeeps with the same awesome stuff. If your Jeep is built out, then other will say, "nice Jeep". That is the best praise you can get!

Number 2 - Enthusiastic Jeep Wavers

Don't get me wrong its great that people wave, and wave at every turn. But there is a certain nuance to the wave. It needs to be dignified almost subtle. And it should be unique to your style. For me it is a slight two fingered peace sign gently raised off the wheel.

It should NOT BE an enthusiastic side to side spastic wave. It shouldn't be like you are waving to a parade crowd. And most certainly it should not be some over the head, stick your hands out of the top, crazy side to side wave.

Develop your own dignified Jeep wave. Then go ahead and show it off.

Number 1 - Those Jeep Owners Who Do Not Wave

You would think that such a long standing tradition of the Jeep wave would be quickly learned by every new Jeep Wrangler owner but sadly it is not. There are still 1 to 2 times each day I am out that people do not wave. Now granted a few are because they do not see the other Jeep and I get that, it happens to me but far to often it is because the person should just not own a Wrangler pure and simple.

They should of bought another type of Jeep. One with "no wave" responsibility. But alas the following clueless Jeep buyers below still ignore our tradition....

  • those who keep their Wrangler stock forever I mean not even a seat cover upgrade
  • the older generation who dont give a damn, and the younger generation who are to self absorbed to notice
  • grocery getters, soccer moms, yuppies, millennials, and others who treat a Wrangler like a mini van or crossover
  • and finally the aforementioned clueless who buy a Jeep Wrangler and never have any intention of being part of the great community of Jeepers.

If you have no intention of doing the Jeep wave then dont buy a Jeep, if you just dont care then sell your Jeep Wrangler to someone who does.

If you want to know more about they correct etiquette for the Jeep wave then read this fun article.


If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner, then own the tradition of the Jeep wave. It is a long standing one. And it needs to be preserved. To me its very simple do the wave, if not please do us a favor and DON'T buy a Jeep Wrangler, buy a Jeep Compass no one will bother you and wave to you then.

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.


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    • profile image


      8 weeks ago

      I thought it was just me. This article is dumb. I mean I’ll wave if or when I can, but it’s not this serious...

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      I have owned 4 jeeps and will not or ever wave when waved at. I didn't but the jeeps to wave at people. Too many people own jeeps nowadays. Its time to end the jeep wave.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      Never had a Jeep before. Where does my new Gladiator fit in?

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      This is the dumbest article I've ever wasted time reading.


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