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Driver's License Details Not Available on Sarathi Parivahan Portal?

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What do you do in this situation?

What do you do in this situation?

Driver's License Details Not Available

India is slowly moving towards rendering all services online. It is remarkable how the country is quickly going digital. You can avail almost all facilities from the comfort of your home. The set of new faceless services offered by Vahan is another such feather on the cap.

What are the new faceless services?

You can renew/replace your Driver's License, request a duplicate one, or change your address without going to the RTO. These are all faceless services, i.e. you can do them online from the Vahan portal.

If you are trying to update your mobile number for your Driving License in India, you can do this as well from the site.

The steps seem pretty straightforward:

  1. Go to Sarathi Parivahan Portal.
  2. Select your State
  3. Choose "Update Mobile Number"
  4. Select Criteria: Learner License, Driver License, or Conductor License

But then the tricky part starts - that of entering your Driver's License Number in the correct format that might be completely different from what is shown on your Driver's License.

In fact, to avail any of the faceless services mentioned, you need to know how to enter your Driver's License in the correct format, or else the site will return an error.

How to Enter Your Driver's License Number Correctly

My Driver's License is in the format 12/3456/2011 (imaginary number). When I tried to enter it in the exact same way, I got an error saying:

For the selected License type, given License details are not available. Please enter valid details.

Needless to say, I panicked. I even questioned my Driver's License authenticity. Was I offered a fake license? Would this land me in trouble? Googling around did not help. There was hardly any info about this online. Maybe because the service is comparatively new and not many people might have encountered this issue yet.

I saw somewhere on the portal itself that in case you are having an issue with the Driver's License Number, you can contact RTO. This made me frown a bit. At the time of the pandemic, I was not really keen on venturing outside.

Nevertheless, I persisted.

I dug around a lot and found the following solution that is the most convenient - because you can resolve the issue from your home itself.


If your Driving License on the card is in the format:


Then enter it as follows (considering you are in Delhi):

DL12 20110003456 (a space should be given after KL12)

Correct Format Explanation

Understanding the driving license number format



Your State Code. DL is for Delhi. You can enter your State Code here. Like TN for Tamil Nadu and KL for Kerala.


The RTO Code. "12" here is just a random number. Enter your 2-digit RTO code usually represented by the first 2 digits of your license number on the card if it is in the 12/3456/2011 format.


Do not forget to add a single space after DL12


Year of Driving License issue. In this case, I have given a random year "2011". Remember, this should be 4 digits. So in case your license is showing 11, this should entered as 2011.


The rest should sum up to 7 digits. As you have seen in my card example, the Driving License Number is 12/3456/2011. The only digits remaining are 3456. But that's only 4 digits and not the required 7. To resolve this, you can add zeros before 3456 i.e. 0003456. Now you have 7 digits.

You are now ready to submit your Driving License number.

  • You do not require any documents or proof to validate your phone number.
  • Once you enter your Driving License number, the screen will display your details like your name.
  • Proceed to enter your mobile number and the reason for updating it (if any).
  • An OTP will be sent to you on your mobile number.
  • Once you enter this number, your mobile number will be successfully updated and linked to your Driving License.

You can double-check by going to the "Update Mobile Number" page and entering your details again. You will see your updated mobile number on the details page.

Hope this was helpful!

Do share it with your relatives in India so they do not have to unnecessarily make a visit to the RTO.

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