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How to Get Out of Speeding Tickets, Every Step of the Way

Robert has driven several cars in his lifetime and has sped in each one of them.

Speeding can be fun, but getting a ticket isn't. Learn how to fandangle your way out of a ticket.

Speeding can be fun, but getting a ticket isn't. Learn how to fandangle your way out of a ticket.

The engine revs, the speedometer races towards the right, and the pedal beneath your foot can be pushed down no further. You fly past other vehicles, hoping that you will make it to your destination in half the time your GPS tells you. It's a sweet, glorious feeling—that is, until the sirens and flashing lights appear behind you.

It's not a parade in your honor. It's not Christmas time or the Fourth of July. It's not even the ice cream man coming after you because you forgot to pay.

It's the police. And it means bad news.

Getting a speeding ticket is never a fun situation. It's also a situation that can often be avoided. Here are some tips to help you skip out on your next traffic fine.

Avoiding Tickets at Every Step

The goal of this article is to help you evade a ticket (not the police—that would be illegal). It doesn't matter at what point you are in the ticket-getting phase, this article can assist you in potentially saving thousands of dollars! So read on, your retirement and children's college fund depends on it.

You Can Benefit From This Article If:

  1. You have received far too many speeding tickets in your lifetime (Finally! A break!).
  2. You have NEVER received a speeding ticket (Hopefully this means that you are incredibly young or very lucky—not that you get passed by semis), and don't ever want to get one.
  3. You have just received a ticket and have a court date scheduled (No, it's not too late to save some money).
  4. You are reading this on your smartphone while the police officer is walking up to your car window after getting pulled over (Read fast! There's still hope!)

Remember, until the judge has made the final call, there is hope. And hope, mixed with action, can prevail!

How to Minimize Your Chances of Getting Pulled Over

While driving slowly is always an option, for those of you who do not believe that it is the best (or most efficient) option, the following information will be of great use to you. Just as an athlete carefully trains and selects his gear for the best results, an experienced speed-demon knows that preparation is the beginning of success.

Drive an Unimpressive Car

I have driven several cars in my lifetime, and I can vouch for this personally. I get pulled over far more times when I am in a convertible or red sports car as opposed to an SUV, mini-van, or less impressive vehicle. Additionally, when I have gotten pulled over, I have gotten out of tickets far easier when I don't look like I'm asking for a ticket based on the car that I drive. If you drive I car that won't pick up chicks, you also won't pick up cops (it's a tough trade-off to make and requires much thought).

Invest in a Radar Detector

This goes without saying, having an electronic eye that can spot the cops before they spot you can pay for themselves in a matter of days. But be careful, the laser guns that cops are now using only go off when the officer pulls the trigger (meaning that, if there is no one in front of you who gets checked, you could be in big trouble). Remaining alert, and using a radar detector as a support tool, is the most effective way to drive at high velocities.

Download the Free Trapster Smartphone App

Yes, this app can save lives! Or at least dollars. Download the app and see where fellow drivers have marked police locations. As you start approaching a location you know to slow down. If the cop is still there, tag it again to share the love with the person who follows. This is really a great app and has saved me (and could have saved me) many times.

Keep a Few Good Props Around

A box of donuts, hospital (or other charity) ID card or police donor sticker will provide a significant step up in the realm of avoiding a speeding ticket if you actually do get pulled over. When the officer notices that you are a passionate doer of niceness, he will be more willing to let you go. Meanwhile, the donuts would be funny and nice. Just make sure that its real—faking to be a doctor will probably get you in more trouble than it will help.

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Talking Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket (In the Moment)

If you end up getting pulled over at a time when you forgot to have a box of donuts and your doctor badge on hand, then chances of getting out of the ticket drop dramatically. But all hope is not lost—there are still plenty of opportunities to reduce your odds of being fined. Here are some of them...

Be a Beautiful Woman

It is true. Research proves it (my research consisted of thinking about this topic for 15 seconds, so I would consider it invaluable science). Women who are good looking have an opportunity to get out of speeding tickets much better than anyone else. It's the smile, the charm, and the attractiveness. So, my first recommendation to anyone who believes they may get pulled over frequently is to be a beautiful woman—if this isn't going to work for you, then keep reading.

Get the Officer to Laugh

If he cracks, you're off the hook. I have yet to meet an officer who chuckled and charged. It seems as if it's one or the other. One time when I was pulled over for running a stop sign in Michigan, as the officer was walking back to his car with my license I hollered out the window, "I don't suppose I get a bit of leeway with the California stop, being from California and all!" He laughed, said he'd think about it, and let me off the hook. Get the officer to laugh and you are golden!

Start to Cry

As you can notice through this entire list, the key is to invoke some type of emotion here. When someone has an emotional response to someone else, they become bonded. And this bond can get you out of a ticket! So sob it up. Let loose the waters of despair! Though it can be risking, it just might work.

If you can build up some kind of relationship with the police officer, you can count on a higher chance of being freed from the horror of a higher insurance bill.

How to Lower or Eliminate Your Ticket After Getting It

It turns out your mother was wrong, your face is not as charming as she has always told you. And that friend that mentioned how impressed he was with your wit? You should probably stop being friends with him—he clearly just wants something from you. If you are reading this portion of the article, you probably were unable to talk, charm, woo, bribe, or cry your way out of a speeding ticket. Now what?!

Remember, until the judge makes the final call, all is not lost! Here are some things to help you even after getting the ticket.

Show Up to Your Court Date

I am pretty sure that the story "If the cop doesn't show up to the hearing, you get off scot-free" is exactly that, just a story. However, showing up at the hearing does provide you with a valuable opportunity to share with the judge your excuses, or struggles, and your dreams. If the judge ends up having more sympathy than the officer did, you just might be able to minimize or eliminate your ticket!

Ask About Driving School or Other Programs

The cost of the ticket isn't your only fear—there is also the cost of increased insurance. If you cannot get out of the ticket, than attempt to work with the judge to find an opportunity to remove the ticket from your driving record. Many states have driving schools that will waste a Sunday, but save you potentially thousands of dollars. Other states (such as Indiana, from my personal experience) only require a bribe—you pay the extra money and if you don't get another ticket for two years you are off the hook. Keeping the ticket off of your record is a huge benefit.

Take a Prison Sentence

Although I would call this a desperate last resort (and frankly, I am not sure why anyone would do this), if you really do not want to pay the ticket, I am sure that you can spend a couple of weeks in the local jail to pay your time. For most of us, it's probably more efficient just to pay the ticket, however, go with what your heart tells you.

How to Enjoy Speeding and Peace of Mind

While the odds of receiving a ticket increase dramatically when speeding, sometimes the thrill or necessity of it is simply to overwhelming. It generally seems that cops will give you a 5-10 mile buffer. So it is probably better to go 9 miles over than 11 miles over. It would be a bummer to have missed that window by a mile or two.

When you do get caught, and the techniques here don't work, just man (woman) up and pay the ticket. Remember, however much we all hate speed traps (those are really ALL about getting money and not protecting society), nearly everything else that officers do is to improve society and keep us safe.

Police officers do a very noble work with not nearly enough respect. Always treat them with dignity and respect. And consider this—that $300 ticket that you paid might provide the added funds needed to take down a drug lord or kidnapper!

Am I saying that speeding can save lives? Well, I suppose that's a matter of opinion.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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