Boler Trailer Parts and Repair

Updated on February 15, 2017

Restoring and Repairing Bolers

Having trouble finding parts for your Boler camper? Boler trailers were built back in 1968-1988, and only 10,000 were made, but many of them are still around. However, like anything that old they need parts and repairs. Finding parts for Bolers is hard because they aren't manufactured any more. The good news is that there are many sources to find Boler parts and also there are many videos online showing how to make the repairs. I've gathered the parts and repair information for Boler travel trailers and put them all on this page. Hope you find it helpful for restoring a Boler trailer.

I love seeing all the Bolers still on the road. So many people spend hours lovingly getting their trailers in shape. The fact that there are so many on the road still attests to the their quality and all the convenience that is packed inside. These little trailers really had it going on.

Common Repairs for Bolers

Some of the common things that break on Bolers are the window cranks. Scroll down the page to see the video on how to replace the window crank.

There are also videos for patching holes in the fiberglass, fixing the rainguard over the door, and checking to see if your fridge and stove work.

Find Parts for Your Boler

To find vintage trailer parts for your Boler just search for "Boler" and you'll find window operators, door latches, and light covers at Vintage Trailer Supply, Inc. Type in the word "Boler" in the search box and it will pull up Boler parts.

Boler Forums

Finding parts for an old Boler can be hard. However there are many forums on the internet for Boler enthusiasts and they can be a great source for learning how to do repairs and find parts.

Installing a Window on a Boler Trailer: Two-Part Video

This is a two part video. The second video on installing windows in a Boler is shown under this video in a thumbnail.

Repairing the Side Window Crank on a Boler Trailer

Installing the Rain Guard Over the Door

Getting the Boler Fridge and Stove to Work

Do You Own a Vintage Trailer? - Or Just Leave a Note to Say You Stopped By

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    • profile image

      Bruce Campbell 8 days ago

      I have a 16000 btu Hydro flame furnace for sale if anyone's interested.

    • profile image

      Clarence Mitchell 5 months ago

      Looking for 1972 boler parts: hub caps, propane fridge, propane furnace

    • profile image

      Andri Krakana 6 months ago

      I have a 1973 boler and am looking for the side window. I have the crank just not the panes, please help

    • profile image

      Clarence Mitchell 7 months ago

      Looking for window mouldings for a 1974 Boler Trailer. Is there a supplier in Canada.?


    • profile image

      mes 9 months ago

      i have a 1973 ECO door at bottom of door is bowed and i need a door handle trying to find and no luck searching

    • profile image

      Diana 21 months ago

      I have a 1978 10 foot Boler I am looking for a new door handle does anyone l know where I could get one

    • profile image

      Pat from Comox BC 22 months ago

      Just picked up a 79 17 ft Boler

      Needs some work and looking to hear from anyone that can help.

      I am looking to replace the insulation throughout with Reflectix and then cover thst with marine grade carpet.

      Any thoughts?

      My email is

    • profile image

      Rick Lewis 23 months ago

      I own a 68 flat top boler,one of many bolers that I have owned thru the years. Great little units and at my age (90) I still enjoy camping locally. I am open to questions about bolers if you have any. 1968 in particular or 15 foot bolers which I have owned (oh yes there is a 15 ft.). OPEN ALL HOURS.

    • profile image

      Vic 2 years ago

      I own a 1972 or '74 Boler 13ft. and will be installing new windows that have radius corners. Nothing at all wrong with the existing windows as they both work properly but for me it's about the aesthetics and I don't like the square cornered windows. So, if there are any purists out there who would want to purchase the two windows, let me know.

    • profile image

      jeanie 2 years ago

      i need rain guard over door for my 1965 cloud

    • profile image

      Brenda Lopez 2 years ago

      My husband bought me a 1979 Boler 13' 9/11/15. I bought 2 new tires to get it home as photos showed it was very much in need of them. We haven't really started on it only removed all the seats,curtains very old and wet,mildew smell. It is pretty much all original except frig and a hand pull at front door. I look forward to working with my husband on this baby. We plan to restore it to it glory not changing much if anything of floor plan. The way it is is what makes it special. You can't help but smile looking at it. We see it as a,very special piece of art and history of days gone by. If any one has words of wisdom please feel free to share with us. also on facebook under Brenda Lopez.

    • profile image

      Rose 2 years ago

      I am hoping to purchase one tomorrow 1979 latch on door doesn't work and no canopy oh and we checked it out today and don't know where battery hook is ceiling starring is waving on the ceiling can't seem to get furnace working maybe when I see owner tomorrow I can get better results for furnace I am hoping i can tow it with a 4cylinder Toyato Rave 4 1997

    • profile image

      Donna 3 years ago

      Looking for tracking for my rear sliding fibreglass window in my boler trailer.. Anyone have any help... PLEASE

    • profile image

      dryad63 3 years ago

      I just purchased a 1972 Boler & brought it back to my home in WV! unfortunately during the trip the table collapsed, pulled the screws out of the floor and the table was crushed/broken. :'( Now I have to find a way to replace it. Glad to have found your page

    • profile image

      kent2000 3 years ago

      Just bought a Perris Pacer! 1984

    • profile image

      rolley111 4 years ago

      I need help with a near vintage tramp scamp. I got it as a gift , and I love it! but it needs help fix and restore and update. It's a 1995 scamp. Does anyone do this kind of work as a business or pastime. please help!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      We have just bought a74 Boler and the fridge does not work should we take it out or try to get a new one, do they exist? We love it but it needs some updating. Are they hard to take out?

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      YES! We just bought a '73 Boler, 13 ft...we are starting to take it apart and the biggest problem we are coming across is taking out the fridge so we can clean under it and paint properly. It seems to be bolted down, does anyone know how to get it out without ruining the frame?

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Just picked up a '79 Boler, 17ft. Looking to fix her up and tow behind the '65 Chevy 3/4Ton. Looking for lots of little stuff for now. need the screen for the back right window, and the exterior door lamp, the plastic part bolted to trailer is busted so the lens won't stay on.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I Currently own a 13" Boler and it has been a labour of love. Took A month just to clean it up. We have put about 8000 miles on it in the last 5 years and love the way it pulls behind our Dodge Caravan. It costs us about 2-3 MPG. Well worth it.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Just bought my first Boler 17', wanted one for years and finally got one. Needs a little work but will thoroughly enjoy it.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have a 1974 Boler~Fixer-upper. Great Fun:)

    • profile image

      Dianac 5 years ago

      Love to have a trailer! They are great!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      No, I don't own a vintage trailer but my husband's sister used to have one like this. I don't know if they still have it or not. I will have to find out and if so, will send her here.

    • ShoppingWithMonty profile image

      ShoppingWithMonty 5 years ago

      Anything vintage or retro is cool in my book!