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Caring for Boler Trailer Parts

Rainydaz has learned a lot from her vintage 1973 13-foot Boler trailer.

Here's what you need to know about caring for and repairing a Boler trailer

Here's what you need to know about caring for and repairing a Boler trailer

Restoring and Repairing Bolers

Having trouble finding parts for your Boler camper? Boler trailers were built back in 1968-1988, and only 10,000 were made. But many of them are still around. However, like anything old, they need parts and repairs. Finding parts for Bolers is hard because the parts aren't manufactured anymore.

The good news is that there are many sources to find Boler parts and also there are many videos online showing how to make the repairs. I've gathered the parts and repair information for Boler travel trailers and put them all on this page. Hopefully, you find this helpful for restoring a Boler trailer.

I love seeing all the Bolers still on the road. So many people spend hours lovingly getting their trailers in shape. The fact that there are so many on the road still attests to their quality and all the convenience packed inside. These little trailers really had it going on.

Common Repairs for Bolers

Some of the common things that break on Bolers are the window cranks. Scroll down the page to see the video on how to replace the window crank.

There are also videos for patching holes in the fiberglass, fixing the rainguard over the door, and checking to see if your fridge and stove work.

 Vintage Trailer Supply

Vintage Trailer Supply

How to Find Parts for Your Boler

To find vintage trailer parts for your Boler, just search "Boler" to find window operators, door latches, and light covers at Vintage Trailer Supply, Inc.

Boler Forums

Finding parts for an old Boler can be hard. However, there are many forums on the internet for Boler enthusiasts, and they can be a great source for learning how to do repairs and find parts.

Installing a Window on a Boler Trailer: Two-Part Video

This is a two part video. The second video on installing windows in a Boler is shown under this video in a thumbnail.

Repairing the Side Window Crank on a Boler Trailer

Installing the Rain Guard Over the Door

Getting the Boler Fridge and Stove to Work

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