Useful and Inexpensive Items Every RV Owner Should Have

Updated on March 11, 2018
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I am an avid RV enthusiast who understands that my life and my safety depend on the condition of the equipment in my coach.

There are many things that RV owners need or would like to have but somehow never get around to buying, even though they may be inexpensive and useful.

These days there are all sorts of accessories available. Some are nothing more than a waste of space, while others have meaningful and enduring uses.

Years ago friends gave my husband and myself a lovely throw for Christmas. At the time, we thought it was a lovely gift, and I doubt they meant for us to use it in our travel unit.

However, it has become a staple that we take with us on every trip because it is exactly the right size and thickness to use as a lap blanket for me while we're on the move or for either of us on a chilly day when reading a book or watching TV.

The point here is that every single time we look at this throw, we think lovingly of the friends who were kind enough and thoughtful enough to give it to us. I doubt they even know that we still have and use it after all these years, but we certainly do!

You may think that people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy a coach would avoid buying items like this, but the truth is that between the monthly payments, upkeep costs and expenses of travel, some people have little money left with which to treat themselves.

This undoubtedly may be the reason why they do without, but once in awhile, it's nice to add an item that makes life on the road easier or more pleasant.

A nice set of durable plastic wine glasses adds extra spark to a meal.
A nice set of durable plastic wine glasses adds extra spark to a meal. | Source

1. Plastic Wine Glasses

When you’re on the road, small luxuries are highly valued, but they have to be conducive to holding up to road vibrations, and they should take up very little room.

One item that meets these criteria is a set of clear plastic wine glasses.

We purchased two of them years ago and have enjoyed using them very much because they have made special occasions more elegant and fun, while at the same time relieving us of the worries of breakage.

There are many different types and styles of plastic wine glasses, but the ones we use are from US Acrylic, LLC. They are thicker and heavier than the many others which are on the market and are stackable, cost effective and quite durable.

These can be used for any type of cold beverage and are really fun to have. We especially enjoy using them when company stops by for dinner because they make the meal a bit more festive.

No throwaways here! Ours have never cracked, chipped or broken, which says a lot for this particular brand of plastic wine glass.

2. Refrigerator Bars

Years ago my large pill container fell out of my refrigerator. The contents went everywhere, and it took me hours to pick them up, sort them and put them back.

Like many RVers, I didn’t know that there was a product on the market that could keep things like this from happening. Until I found the fix, this problem was continually creating messes and sometimes damaging my coach’s cabinets, upholstery and flooring.

Once I discovered refrigerator bars, my problems were over.

Refrigerator bars come in packs of three, are extremely sturdy, are expandable and are the best way to keep refrigerated food in place while traveling.

The ones I have always used are manufactured by Camco. This was the first company that produced them, but now there are others as well. Mine have held up beautifully for years, so I stick with this brand.

However, no matter which brand you buy, one package of three is not quite enough, so buy two sets if you decide to purchase any.

While it’s possible to use short curtain rods for this job, they are not nearly as sturdy, bend easily and will rust over time. You won’t see these problems with Camco refrigerator bars.

This company also produces cabinet bars which essentially serve the same purpose. They come in brown or white and can be used to keep items you store in kitchen or bathroom cabinets in place.

3. Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Marine grade toilet paper is expensive. It’s a product that RV travelers use quite a bit. Regardless of cost, people should use this product because it will help to prevent the types of RV plumbing problems that are so common these days.

If you watch the attached video, you will see why this is. The video compares regular toilet paper to RV toilet paper and shows you what happens to each in similar experiments.

Since recreational vehicle toilets work differently than those you see in houses, it’s important to use toilet paper that degrades easily.

If you use the standard type, it will clog your pipes and cause major problems that can be very expensive to fix.

All brands that I have seen do a good job. However, the product we have always used and are happy with is Aqua Soft. It is a bit more costly than other brands, but is manufactured by Thetford, which is a leader in the RV toilet products industry.

Because it is 2 ply, it chafes less easily, yet still biodegrades beautifully. We have never had a toilet clog, which has made us very happy campers!

Biodegradable toilet paper is not only good for RV travelers to use, but it is good for the environment. So buying and using t is a win-win for everybody.

4. Adjustable Broom and Dust Pan

One of the things RV owners need to be careful about is how they use their living space. As a result, any product that saves space while still serving it’s purpose is a blessing.

This adjustable broom and dust pan is great to keep on board because when not in use it can be stored just about anywhere.

Until we bought ours, I had a heck of a time moving our broom from spot to spot because of its height. When in motion, I had to carry it back to the bedroom. When parked, I had to move it back behind the driver's seat.

So while we were moving from place to place, this became a chore that had to be done twice each day.

Now, there is one less task to do!

The only adjustable RV broom and dustpan set I know of and now use is made by Camco. I really like that it can be made smaller for storage and also that it is sturdy enough to do a good job.

As you have seen, I like Camco products.

This is because this company is a trusted leader in the RV accessory industry. Because of this, you can always count on their products to be what they say they are!

So when I'm shopping for myself, I look first to Camco.

5. Expandable Garden Hose

This is a product I absolutely love. We bought one last year and are so happy that we did.

Those green hoses you have to keep on board are awkward to use, heavy and take up a great deal of storage space.

The newer expandable hoses are very light weight, are easy to use and store and take up much less space.

There are many brands available, but we wanted to make certain that the one we purchased would be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of travel. The Pocket Hose has more than met this goal and has done a great job for us during our RV vacations.

We even bought one for the house.

The attached video review shows you how it works and the results it got when tested by Consumer Reports.

6. EZ Foldz Step Stool

Many years ago my husband and I came across the EZ Foldz Step Stool. It is likely the handiest thing one can have when traveling. It was the first one of its type that we had ever seen, and we still use it today.

Now there are similar designs of step stool available, and although I have not personally seen any of them (didn't need to...didn't need another step stool!), I'm sure any of them would do the same job.

There are also many styles of small step stools on the market, but this one folds up flat, is unbelievably stable and sturdy and serves many purposes. These things make it perfect for RV use.

  • I use it to put my feet on when we’re on the move.
  • My husband uses it to stand on when he’s washing our RV windows or to sit on when he is using items from our basement bins.
  • It’s great to stand on to reach upper kitchen shelves, too.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

Take Your Pick!

Finding inexpensive and useful RV items these days is not easy. This may be another reason why RV owners don't buy some of the items they not only want but really need.

You should remember that when you're on the road,your recreational vehicle is your home.

You spend a good deal of time in it and often are inconvenienced in a number of ways.

There is no reason to avoid treating yourself now and then to something that will enhance your travel experience.

So if you can find something that costs $10 or less that will make life a little better for you, why not buy it?

You owe it to yourself to buy what you'd like to have so that you can enjoy your RV vacations.
You owe it to yourself to buy what you'd like to have so that you can enjoy your RV vacations. | Source

If you were to buy one of these items to give to an RVer, which one would it be?

See results

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    • TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

      Sondra Rochelle 5 months ago from USA

      Kari Pulsen: Thanks. Even though it's too late for them, you may have friends or other relatives who RV who would like to have some of these things. Thanks for stopping by.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 5 months ago from Ohio

      These are great ideas! I wish I had read this while my parents were still rving. :)

    • TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

      Sondra Rochelle 6 months ago from USA

      Hi Shyron, I only know that as an RVer myself, I love having these items! Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 6 months ago from Texas

      Hello Sondra, some neat ideas for RVers.

      Blessings my friend


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