RV Living: A Home on Wheels

Updated on May 18, 2019
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I have been an RV and travel enthusiast for years, living in my 1969 Scotty and fixing up a new camper for life on my land.

My '69 Serro-Scotty

Everyone Has a Different Version of "Home"

When a lot of people think of their ideal “home,” I imagine the vast majority of them picture a nice house, maybe three or four bedrooms and a couple of baths, a nice kitchen with an island, maybe even a den for family gatherings. They probably see a picturesque backyard with a nice view, perhaps a swimming pool. Sounds like a great setup, right?

There are others stil who see things a little differently. Every house is a “home,” but not every “home” is a house. What do I mean by that? People call a lot of different types of dwellings “home.” One person's home may be a one-bedroom apartment. Someone else's home may be a mansion. Some people even live in school buses, vans, or even their cars. There are some folks (like me) who live in RVs.

Recreational vehicles (RVs), also known as “campers,” are like smaller houses that you can take anywhere with you. I've had one camper almost my whole life that was passed down to me by my late grandfather. It is a nice little 1969 Scotty. I had always wanted to do something with it, and finally, last year before my wife and I got married, we were living in my little Scotty.

My Scotty is a nice little camper, albeit quite small. It has a bathroom, a bunk bed area, and a fold down dining area that converts into another bed. It's not “deluxe” or probably even very pricey, but it is cozy and doesn't leak much. It was fun to live in for awhile.

I tell you about my situation to let you know I'm not just someone who has a camper they take to the lake every now and again. I got rid of almost all of my possessions except some clothes, my computers and phone, and my video game console. I wanted to live a better lifestyle on my land in the woods and grow my own food, and be less materialistic. I even have plans to use mostly solar power when I have the extra money to buy the equipment. I'm all in on this lifestyle, and our RVs are central to that lifestyle.

Having an RV is like having constant freedom. If I'm sitting on my land and get the urge to take off to another state for a bit, I'm totally free to do that. I, like many probably reading this, love to travel. There are so many places I want to see before my number is up. The knowledge that I can just hook my little home up to a truck and drive off wherever I may please with it is amazing. Like a ticket to any destination, bringing your home with you.

Many people live in RVs. Some take their RV everywhere, constantly traveling and rarely staying in one place. They might work online and travel to all kinds of different places, renting RV spaces for however long they need before they head to their next destination. It's kind of a unique thought--the view of the backyard changing every so often. One week, they may have a forest as a backyard. The next week, it could be the ocean. I love the sound of that, and I can definitely identify with the people doing it.

We all have different ideas of the perfect life. I can more than understand the person who calls his home a nice house in a nice neighborhood, with the same surroundings all the time. I can also completely understand the views of the nomad, who calls his home a different place every other week. For myself personally, I'll live my simple lifestyle in my tiny home on wheels, other known as the RV. It affords me the freedom to not only have a nice, small home on my land, but also to be able to take that home anywhere I want should I decide to travel. A cozy place for my wife and I that we don't have to rent, is completely ours, and will serve us well for years to come. That sounds like home to me.

Our Next Home: Our New '07 Timberlodge

Recently, my wife and I acquired a very nice newer Timberlodge that we are going to put on our land as soon as we get the property ready. Our new home on wheels has a bathroom complete with a shower, a very cozy bedroom area, a dining area, full kitchen, and a living room. It's the nicest RV I've ever been in and I'm grateful we got such a good deal on it. I'm so excited to call this new place home.

Our Timberlodge will be our main base, where we will primarily live. My old Scotty is going to be fixed up a bit more, and then it will come on road trips with us sometimes.

Our New '07 Timberlodge

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© 2019 Hunter Dollar


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    • Hunter Dollar profile imageAUTHOR

      Hunter Dollar 

      13 months ago from Mena, Arkansas, USA

      @Liz Westwood--thank you, and I do! I will edit the article shortly to add some more images. :)

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      13 months ago from UK

      This is an interesting account of RV living. Do you have more photos to illustrate your articles?


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