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Updated on November 11, 2017
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This article shows you how to use prefabricated "wire cube" shelving to organize the storage in your RV, keeping clothing items separate and accessible.

Use Wire Cube Organizers

Each panel in this box is a 14-inch square.
Each panel in this box is a 14-inch square.

Measure the opening of the wardrobe cabinets on each side of your bed. Purchase "wire cube" storage kits in a size that when assembled will fit snugly and fill your cabinets. The panels in the kit above are 14x14-inch squares. Decide how much storage to purchase after reading the article and measuring your RV.

A panel from the kit
A panel from the kit

Build the First Box Inside the Cabinet

You may need to put the disassembled boxes into the cabinet before building them. For example, the opening to our cabinet opening is only 13 inches wide, but inside from wall to wall it's 16 inches wide, so I built the boxes right inside the closet.

You will use 5 panels for your first box, which includes a bottom. The opening of your box will face the door entrance.

Secure the Panels With Zip Ties

Make it Neat

Use scissors to trim zip ties for a neat appearance.

Build Upward

Build the next box on top of this one.
It already has a bottom, so you will only need 4 panels (3 sides + 1 top)


After you have two boxes built, use two more panels to divide each box in half.
Simply zip tie a panel right in the middle of each box to make a total of four compartments. This shelving unit uses 11 panels.

Add Over-the-Bed Shelving

If you have cabinets over the bed, they may be more spacious, so you might be able to use the corner fasteners that come in the box with the panels. However, you may still use zip ties if you desire.

Since the round fasteners that come with the panels may slide on the bottom of your cabinet when the RV is in motion, we recommend using a non-slip shelf liner on the bottom of these shelves.

We also divided these 4 boxes in half by adding an additional panel in the center (like we did for the side wardrobe cabinets).

These cabinets used a total of 16 panels (Tops, Sides, Center Dividers, Backs). They do not have bottom panels. However, if you have enough panels and desire to add bottoms, you may. We just used the non-slip shelf liner on the bottom.

Also, you can use the top of the shelves for items like coats, hats or more clothes.

Store Away

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