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Names to Call Your Caravan, Camper Van, or Motorhome

Updated on February 03, 2015

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The Best, Coolest, and Funniest Names for Your Caravan

Personalise and add character to your caravan, camper van, or motorhome with these great names. Let the name reflect your holiday mission, travel motto, or outlook and become recognisable along the road while you're living out your dreams!

Can you think of more great names for caravans? Add to this list of names for caravans by leaving your suggestions and comments below.

Caravan Name Suggestions

  • Draginmebedalong
  • Draginmehomealong
  • Draginmesavingsalong
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • Empty Nesters
  • Movin and Groovin
  • The Rolling Palace
  • Nolookinback
  • Keepinthedreamalive
  • Caravan of Courage
  • Rest a While
  • Sleepydoo
  • Nestle Down
  • Groovin Along
  • Livinitup
  • Caravan Fever
  • Adventure Before Dementure
  • Doinitourway
  • We Come From A Van Down Under
  • United States Of A Meri-Caravan
  • Bye-The-Way
  • Takin The Slow Road
  • Meet You There
  • Sea Change
  • Roadside Manor
  • Home Sweet Home
  • The Last Resort
  • Seldom Inn
  • It's Our Dream
  • Following Our Dreams
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Spending Our Childrens Inheritance
  • Vicky Viscount
  • Evie Evertude
  • Didyabringabeeralong
  • Surf Sun Sand
  • Funinthesun
  • Packupyourtroubles
  • Bornfree
  • Seizethemoment
  • Leaving the Curb
  • Flying the Coup
  • Shakedown
  • Thisisliving
  • Got the Ball Rolling
  • Roughingit
  • Doiniteasy
  • Adventurevan
  • Weloveourvan
  • Luvinourholiday
  • Domesticbliss
  • The Jolly Tom
  • Seeyoulater
  • The Big One
  • Happycampers
  • Getting Out There
  • The Long Haul
  • Home Away From Home
  • Home & Away
  • Lookinforadventure
  • Wevebeeneverywhere
  • On Tour
  • The Travellers

Your Turn!

Have you named your motor home or caravan?

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    • Charlie 5 years ago

      Love them! What about Beentheredonethat and Thrillseekers.

    • j beesley 4 years ago

      how about - costalot !

    • Bev Tyler 4 years ago

      the tardis

    • Trish Cowan 4 years ago

      We had a caravan for 9 years called Doris and now have a wee motorhome called Molly

    • emma 4 years ago


    • pete 3 years ago

      Cramalot Inn

    • judi 3 years ago

      We called our van LYGIDERE

      because everywhere we stay I'm heard to say I

      'like it here ' with the usual auusie drawl !

    • mary ellen cronin 3 years ago

      I would like to call my caravan"St Michael" but where does one buy names, ?

    • paddy 3 years ago

      Our caravan is known by our nick name "retired redneck"

    • kacey rogers 2 years ago

      Mrs Brown's

      That's nicccee

    • Bob 2 years ago

      Adventures before dentures

    • Gwyneth mabbutt 2 years ago

      Hector's House.

    • Lucia Harrisson 2 years ago

      My transit holiday van is called "The RoadRunner. There's a picture of the roadrunner on the front side and another of coyote at the back

    • Janna 2 years ago

      Large Marge the Party Barge!

    • Hellen 2 years ago

      Pearl........ Bubbles....... Molly........Polly......Missy

    • Cat 2 years ago

      I was thinking "plan B"

    • John woodfine 22 months ago

      going faraway

    • Judi 20 months ago

      'Witch Way' :

      Porta House :

      Toaster for the Toyota Coaster

    • Jodi 20 months ago

      Hi Jodie I love your caravan name I have not come across that name before thankyou u for sharing it with us

    • Lynette 18 months ago

      Wot a Way

    • Joanne 18 months ago

      Ours is Camp Wannahockalogie.

    • Pat 15 months ago

      YOLO - you only live once

    • Annette 13 months ago

      Thinking about this. SKI Warnup

    • Kirsty 11 months ago

      Posh Pad, Big mans pit, Last Nest, One man stop, Homely shed ...... But I Love Adventure before Dementia!! Cracked me up! lol

    • jim 11 months ago

      We call ours the "Taj Mahaul"

    • connie 8 months ago

      thinking of Retro Rita for my 69 Nomad

    • Haley 6 months ago

      "The Bionic Van" "Peace Rider" "Hobbits "

    • Kathy 6 months ago

      Rolling palace an cramalot..weekend women..

    • Bob 5 months ago

      Town be gone


    • Robyn 4 months ago


    • Tracey 4 months ago


    • John 4 months ago

      ' Itchy Feet 2 '. Have sold Itchy Feet 1.

    • Robert barrett 4 months ago

      I just named my motor home

      the flying nomad #co

    • Al Temple 4 months ago

      Here you go, "Let the good times roll"

    • Nilda 4 months ago

      "Vida" u leave with Vida and come back with Vida.


    • Dwen 4 months ago

      Only Sleeps Two

    • Nate 2 months ago

      Gnar.V for our snowboard pop up truck camper

      And out van was called Rusty daisy aka rusty D!

    • Johannes 2 months ago

      Hoof Hearted

    • Johannes 2 months ago

      Miss B Haven

    • Will 2 months ago




    • Caitlin 2 months ago

      Baby sitters retreat

    • Bernice 2 months ago

      Hi Caitlin I love that name. I think it will look good on the back of a van thank you.

    • Bernice 2 months ago

      Thanks for the name it's so true

    • Steven 2 months ago


    • Al 2 months ago

      "The long and Winding road..."

    • Al 2 months ago

      Or "Yes, there are 2 paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you,re on". (Better be a big camper)

    • Bernice 2 months ago

      Thanks for those names they are fantastic I love them

    • Adam 2 months ago

      The devil made me do it

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