We purchased a 2017 Grand Design Solitude 377MBS last year. We are now moving across the country to live with our daughter. Things have changed, and we need to sell our RV. How do we determine the price to ask?


I checked the NADA prices for you. The basic list price for your unit was $86,199, low retail is $52,700 and average retail is $63,500.

If you borrowed to buy this coach, you likely will be upside down on your loan and will also have a lien on it. If you check my profile page, you'll find an article that explains what you can do about this situation. Bear in mind that the asking price will depend on the condition of the coach, and that selling it will be difficult if there is a lien.

Updated on March 26, 2018

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How to Know What an RV Is Worth
By Sondra Rochelle