We are planning a trip to Maine from Texas in May. I have a 30' gas motorhome, and I will have a Honda CRV in tow. I am relatively new at RVing, although we have just completed a trip to Florida without any complications. Could you give me any advice on climbing and descending steep grades, and do you know of any driving schools in Texas?


My first tip is this; you will be crossing the Appalachian Mountains at some point, and if you do it down around Georgia, it will be a snap. As you go further North, the mountains become more prominent, and there will be long grades both up and down.

I assume you have a Ford V10 engine and 5-speed transmission, so with your 30' and tow car, you should be OK.

Once you're over to the Wast side of the Appalachian mountains, I-95 is the main N-S route for most RV campers, with the occasional foray either to the beach areas or what I call the "rolling hill" areas. There are lots of great places to visit without worrying about driving and towing over mountains.

As for myself, I have found that the safest and most enjoyable way to drive an RV is; stay in the right lane and stay 5-mph below the speed limit. Everyone passes you, so you don't need to keep passing others, and just that 5-mph speed reduction will allow you to relax and enjoy the drive yourself, rather than feeling like you are negotiating a battlefield with the other cars.

As for Driving Schools, I'm not aware of what might be available in Texas. I would Google it.

Updated on April 10, 2018

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RV Driving Tips:  Critical Differences About Driving a Motorhome
By Don Bobbitt