I "topped off" my gas tank and my engine light has been flashing along with the non-flashing, triangular VSA warning for five days and approximately 45 miles. My car runs fine, no unusual noises, etc., though I do not get the usual ECO light for economy fuel use. If this was caused by overfilling the gas tank, will the problem vanish on its own? If not, how do I find a mechanic familiar with the computerized warning system?


If the check engine light is flashing, this means you are doing damage to the catalytic converter, and the car should be towed to a garage. I recommend the manufacturer's garage because they have the tools to diagnose the system. The problem you are having is not caused by overfilling the gas tank. Your engine is misfiring and is not burning all the fuel that is going into the cylinder, that's why the light is flashing: it's warning you that there is a damaging problem.

Updated on March 13, 2018

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Honda “Check Engine” Light: What Could Be the Problem?
By Eddie Carrara