I purchased a 2012 Jetta, but I'm having trouble with the vehicle shaking and vibrating starting at 60 mph. After 80 mph it lessens slightly. I had brand new tires aligned and balanced, but that didn't work. I changed the left CV joint and wheel bearings on both sides, and nothing. I'm running out of options, can you help?


I truly believe the problem is in the tires. I recommend bringing it back to the shop that installed the tires and go for a road test with them so you can point out the issue. If they rotate the tires front-to-rear and rear-to-front, the vibrations should change if the tires are the issue. If it doesn't change, the problem is somewhere else. Balance issues are very time consuming and nine times out of ten, if the vibration wasn't there before the tire swap, it's most likely the tires.

Updated on March 14, 2018

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Steering Wheel Vibration:  My Car Shakes While I’m Driving
By Eddie Carrara