I feel that I need to carry a handgun for protection while I am traveling in my RV. My County of residence refuses to grant anyone a handgun permit. Can I get a handgun permit from another county or area in CA?


You can always make some calls to other counties to see what their laws are. The problem you'll have, however, is that if your county does not want you to have a handgun, and you bring one in from another county, you could get into big trouble. Violating gun laws can be very serious and can end up with you being fined or even jailed. I would think very carefully before trying to get a permit elsewhere. Your only option, if this is so important to you, would be to move to a place that has more amenable rules.

Updated on April 2, 2018

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Is It Legal to Carry a Gun When I Travel in My RV?
By Sondra Rochelle