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Man’s Wing Install Does Not Go as Planned

That was… brutal.

Sometimes it's okay, and even healthy, to give in to your impulses. Cut your own bangs, quit your terrible job, ask out your crush. Other times, it's best to take a step back and think about all the possible consequences of your actions. Like making permanent alterations to your car that may not yield the results you want.

TikTok user @jarek.mai let his impulsive thoughts win. In a TikTok, he shared the process of installing a wing to the back of his Toyota Supra, and the results were equally hilarious and concerning.

"Once we do this, there ain't no going back." Yeah, that's for sure. The video was kind of a mess from start to finish, with Jarek fumbling many steps throughout the process. He hit his first roadblock when the bolts that came with the wings were too short for the holes he had drilled. Once he solved that issue and installed the wing. he realized he forgot to add the weather strip.

All that was foreshadowing for the final results. He shared that the wing fell off multiple times and even sustained a few scratches. From the wise words of Prince Zuko, "That's rough, buddy."

People in the comments did not hold back their amusement. "That install was brutal bro, NGL," @dakotastoneee said. "Bro, I love your energy!! Your videos always make me smile!!" @carcxmmunity said. 

@kingtv_666 asked the question we're all probably thinking, "Why not have the pros do it."

Sometimes it's good to gain experience firsthand. This was not one of those times, we're afraid.