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Here’s the Proper Way to Wash Your Car at the Car Wash

Works every time!

There is a correct way to wash your car, and you're probably not doing it. No, it doesn't involve lining your car up to a conveyer belt and having it go through an assembly line of rotating brushes. 

TikTok user Avonte Jones (@avnotejones) demonstrated the proper way to wash your car so that you get rid of every inch of dirt and grime. It's a lot simpler than it may seem.

So many steps and each one is crucial to get the job done. He starts with a pre-wash all over his car to break apart the stubborn dirt and grime. Then he goes in with a high-pressure soap. You can see all the grossness wash away and it is so satisfying. The next step is to go in with a rinse and then a splooge. This part is our favorite. Just look at all the colors! He then washes off the splooge with a clear coat protector. He gives his car one more rinse and he's done!

Though this is a great method, some folks prefer to wash their cars the old-fashioned way: by hand, or through a touch car wash. This method definitely does require more effort, and in some cases, more money, but it's great for folks who don't trust other people with their cars. You can set the pace yourself and make sure all nooks and crannies are accounted for.

If you're looking for a new way to efficiently wash your car, give this method a try.