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Police Pull Man Over For Vulgar Sticker

And he’s not thrilled about it.

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People love to put all kinds of things on their cars, from dash cameras to spoilers and, of course, bumper stickers. Bumper stickers tend to be popular because of the personal expression they allow drivers. After all, given the amount of money people spend on their cars, why wouldn't they want to personalize them as much as possible? So that someone would put stickers, with slogans or phrases that are meaningful to them, on their car makes sense. 

However, there is a pitfall to this. Some people are just not going to like the messages someone chooses to put on their car. Like the police officer in TikTok user @boy.m25's video... 

While that may not be everyone's message of choice (We hope you're laughing right now. We certainly are.) The driver does have a constitutional right to put that sticker on his truck if he so chooses. Here's what the internet had to say about this one.

TikTok user @EthanBounds simply remarked, "It's freedom of speech." While TikTok user @rye posted a comment informing the comments section what the out come of the above video was, "He went to jail, sued the city, won. The sticker is back on the truck." TikTok user @cam added to this when he made a statement about the payout the guy in the video might have received from the law suite, "24K...I take policy enforcers to court for a living, usually 22-28K for unlawful arrest."

Some TikTok users had a more humorous take on this situation, such as user @Kristen who wrote, "I would have just taken off the "I." To which user @Hunter&Maddy added on, "LAMO I was gonna say this. Great minds." (Think alike? Oh, yes they do.)       

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