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People Think Street Camera Caught Train Wreck Insurance Fraud In Action

This entire thing is suspicious.

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Ever get tired of what you're currently driving and wish you could get a new, or used, car? You'd have to get rid of your current automobile first. There's a few options for this. You could sell it privately, trade it in at a dealership or even sell off its parts. 

Whatever you route you decide to go with, we don't recommend going down the same road as the person in this video from TikTok user @virtualrailfan.  

Umm...I mean, sure, that's certainly one way to get rid of your car. But it's the kind of thing people usually joke about instead of actually doing. Maybe this person just took the expressions "YOLO" and "living your best life" too far, and driving out onto train tracks and then frolicking away is on their bucket list. (People are strange, so who knows?)

 As I'm sure you can imagine, internet sleuths had a field day with this. One such theory came from TikTok user @cliftonwarner who posited, "Car was overheated. Could tell by the steam near front. Engine trouble, stalled." (That's certainly one theory.) 

The most prevailing overall theory though was insurance fraud. As @user5667192481639 simply put, "Insurance job." With user @bobbyjohnson remarking, "If that wasn't insurance fraud...I don't know what was..." With user @BLCUSTOMSMD surmising, "Bet you she had no idea the camera saw everything hahaha..." With user @kellylong adding, "Won't be getting money for this..." And user @benrich583 joking, "That's one way to get rid of a car payment." With user @I'mproblackforlife also joking, "I used to do that in GTA LOL." 

Well what do you think, was this fraud? 

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