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Mechanic Explains How You’re Ruining Your Car’s Finish With Touch Car Washes

The proof is clear as day.

So, here's another thing you didn't know you need to worry about: touch car washes messing up your car's finish. It truly feels like a betrayal. So many people frequent touch car washes because they're affordable and convenient. Not everyone has the time to wash their car themself, or the money to get it hand-washed or detailed. So the fact that these long-established businesses play a role in damaging our cars' exteriors is truly shocking.

TikTok user @dirty2dreamyllc posted a video showcasing just how much damage a touch car wash can do. 

Poor bunny indeed! This makes me want to shine a light on my own car and see what state it's in. This discovery has us shook, but folks in the comment section seem unfazed.

"People don't believe me when I tell them this," @rhopjr said. "I hand wash all my cars. Hand washing is the best." "Touchless car washes don't do a good job up here in the rust belt. I go to the self-serve and damage the paint myself," @dgizmo3 joked. "I'll let the second owner worry about the paint job," @starmanming said.

If your car's appearance isn't something you worry about then, by all means, continue using touch car washes. If appearance is a concern, however, you're better off hand washing your car, or hiring folks to do it for you.