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Woman Shares Tip on How to Get a Little More Leverage When Trying to Change a Tire

It comes in handy.

Women truly do not need men, not even when changing a tire! Sure, it can be tough, and it can require more muscle than some of us are equipped with, but never underestimate our craftiness. And definitely never underestimate our desire to share our craftiness with other women through this wonderful thing called the Internet.

When TikToker @remilemm posted a video showing herself struggling to change a tire, fellow TikToker Courtney Craven (@cravencourtney) came to her rescue by stitching her video and laying out a helpful tip to "work smarter, not harder."

Craven used a hollow 2.5-foot pole to give her some leverage when screwing and unscrewing lugnuts. Genius and effortless! She also pointed out that the pole, which you can find at any hardware store, is also a great tool for self-defense. 

"It does a lot of damage real quick and it makes a lot of noise if you need it to," she explained.

Viewers voiced their appreciation for this short but helpful tutorial. "This so helpful! I've learned a lot from your videos and I appreciate the way you teach," said @swamp_witch_. "I have a similar one and would have thrown my car into the ocean at this point w/out it 😂," said @riles2212. "I'm going to need to know you when zombies hit 😂," said @thecharbeeshow.

Literally, same.

As Craven explained, you don't need to be uber-strong to change a tire. You just need some creativity and the right tools. And when in doubt, always remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.