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TikTok Famous "Lighting McQueen" Driver Has Best Response to Common Question About His Car

This would be cool if it was real.

One of the best things about the internet is getting to witness people's humor and creativity. Humans are really awesome and it's great seeing the cool things they do.

TikToker Chris from @ninefivegarage is famous for his life-size replica of Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar's Cars. While the majority of his audience appreciates his art, there are some who question the car's functionality. 

One common question is how he sees out of the windows as they are covered in the artwork. His response is so creative and hilarious!

Chris jokingly explained that instead of looking out the window like he would do in a normal car, he attached a Go Pro to the top of the car. That Go Pro was attached to a monitor that helped him watch the road. Kind of like a real-life video game.

I will admit, at first, I thought he was completely serious. I didn't even question the legality of it because I just assumed a driver with a car this cool got a pass for anything. But, alas, tis but a joke.

The reactions of other TikTok users in the comments were equally as hilarious. "'So why did you crash?" Him: 'Lag,'" @loui_s_4848 said. "Gets pulled over: 'Officer, it's a double XP weekend'" @immortal_n54 wrote. "If that Go Pro falls, man is waking up and meeting Juice WRLD," @jalenrsmith said. "People who don't get the joke 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯 😂😂😂," @xblessedsavage said. That comment came for me directly.

It is a bit disappointing that this real-life video game isn't real. Safety hazards aside, it would be really cool to drive on the road as you would drive in a video game.