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Man Gets Emotional After Bringing His Cheap Porche 911 Back to Life

This hard work seriously paid off

Two years ago, TikTok creator @jczzle (My Porche and Me) decided it would be a good idea to buy a cheap old Porche 911 for $6,900. It was smooth driving for about a year and a half. And then the engine broke down. 

He spent the next few months rebuilding the car, pouring all of his free time and energy into this car, which ended up costing him more. A lot more.

He took on the challenge with a great attitude and shared each step of his journey with his followers. Now, after many months, his hard work as paid off, and he is emotional about it. As he should be.

"My life story wasn’t ever supposed to have a Porsche 911 in it," @jczzle wrote in the caption. Realizing what I had after the successful test drive hit me hard."

We can’t help but be emotional right along with him. Other TikTok users shared the same sentiment.

“It’s the ‘eeEee’ and shoulder shrug for me at the end. Good for you bud,” @nativevfw wrote in the comments section. “LETS GO BRO! YOU DID THAT!” @stealth_rs3 said. “This is the feeling every car guy chases. No matter the vehicle, moments like this are what it’s about! This is amazing dude congrats!” @jacobjones743 said.

The love from this community is so real!

If you're thinking about rebuilding a Porche 911, @jczzle's page is full of great tips and tricks. Happy building!