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Man’s Hysterical Parody of What Tesla Owners Are Like Is Too Good

Um this is amazing.

Though many of us can agree that Teslas are at the top of the automotive industry with their state-of-the-art technology and sleek designs, their owners often turn us off from truly appreciating their genius. Like, we get it! You have to work to get ahold of your door handles and you don't have to worry about gas prices. But the constant reminders can be a bit much.

TikToker, living up to his username, posted a video showcasing what Tesla ads would be like if they honestly portrayed some of their more insufferable customers. If you've had an encounter with an annoying Tesla owner, you'll definitely appreciate the satire. did a great job of capturing the snobby attitude of some Tesla owners. Even if you do own a Tesla, you have to admit this is spot on!

Commenters found this video absolutely hilarious. "As a Tesla owner, I approve this message," @saltnpepperdad said. "I'm definitely the 'are gas prices high didn't notice' person 😂," @djhunnybee admitted. "NLG, this makes me want to switch to a Tesla," @whtvrba said.

Some people had no problem owning up to their Tesla-above-all attitude. "Tesla has never made an ad," @thehegre said. "Still the most popular EV. I own one, and can 100% confirm that I'm like the dude in this vid. We just know we're better 😎."

Honestly, love the confidence. Because if you are spending that much money on a car, you might as well be proud of it, even if others might think you're insufferable!