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The Footage of the Tesla Car Crash in China Is Spine-Chilling

Not sure these things are worth it.

A Tesla driver in Chaozhou, China proved that not even an expensive, technologically advanced car can save you from an accident.

Chilling footage caught by security cameras in Chaozhou, China and posted onto TikTok by user @andreasioannou83 captured a bizarre car accident involving a Tesla Model Y SUV that injured five people, including the driver. Just a warning, the footage is fairly graphic.

Things started to look off for this mid-sized SUV when it began to slow and pull up to the shoulder of a highway. But it veered back onto the road as soon as a motorcycle passed, nearly colliding with the vehicle. From there it accelerated to an alarming speed, swerving recklessly down the road. It hit two cyclists without even slowing down and barreled into a market, injuring three other people, including the driver of the Tesla. 

"From now on, I will not rely entirely on technology," TikTok user @jose_rizal25_11 wrote in the comments section of this video. "This is what happens when we are too reliant on technology. Zero mercy when technical problems occur," @mona_liza_abdul_wahab said.

While some speculate that the Tesla is at fault, the company argued that it was a user error. According to the video, the company pointed out that security footage shows that brake lights were not on, so the driver did not make an attempt to stop.

We hope the drivers and the victims of this accident are safe and we wish them a speedy recovery.