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Man Hacks Tesla’s Horn to Sound Like Music

This is admittedly pretty great.

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Tesla's are fascinating cars. There's all kinds of interesting hacks for them (and some issues you need to be aware of as well.) One cool hack that TikTok user @tesla.flex discovered was changing the car's horn to play music when honked instead of the typical blaring car horn sound. Watch below to see this hack that's admittedly pretty great.  

That's pretty cool. Considering that one of the most agitating experiences you can encounter while driving on the road, is hearing another car's horn blaring at you, we think this an upgrade. Who likes to hear a car horn blaring them? (No one. Unless you are really weird.) But who doesn't like to hear music on the road? (Does anyone ever drive a car without a working radio or sound system? Not if they can help it.) 

It's unexpected, and pretty entertaining, if you're driving along and another driver honks at you, but instead of an aggressive sound BLARING at you, you get to hear a song instead. Like I said, it's pretty cool. Here's what the internet had to say. 

TikTok user @trax1ants was all for it, commenting, "Now I kinda want a Tesla now." While TikTok user @SlovakMapping was more discerning asking, "Is that even legal?" (Good question. According to google it isn't. But when have people let something like legality stand in the way of entertainment or innovation?) 

TikTok user @Injusticeonreplay...o7 wasn't as for the musical horn and remarked, "The poor people on the road when they hear this." (Referring to song that was chosen to play in place of a typical car horn sound.) To which user @TeslaTok replied, "They'll definitely move when they hear this." 

Well what do you think? If you had (or have) a Tesla, would you do this too?  

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