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Dash Cam Captures Drunk Driver Almost Hit Car on Snowy Road

This is horrifying.

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Defensive driving is safe driving. Not only that, it's good driving. Heck, it's the only type of driving anyone should be practicing. Unfortunately, there's always going to be aggressive drivers on the road that make defensive driving more challenging (and imperative) for their fellow motorists. 

And sometimes bad weather can turn a simple drive down the road into a perilous situation, like in this video from TikTok user @cybertrucktravler Check it out below...

Wow - that was scary! A close one for sure. (It's certainly makes us want to brush up on our defensive driving before hitting the road again.) 

As TikTok user @Grace.naturally wrote, "Whenever driving, safety first." (We couldn't agree more!) 

However, some TikTok users in the comments section disagreed about what actually transpired in the video. The disagreement broke out when TikTok user @LigYT69 asserted, "Bro just assuming he drunk, not like it's slippery." (This is referring to a text caption TikTok user @cybertrucktravler added to the video saying the driver of the car that spun out was drunk.) This caused @cybertrucktravler to fire back with the response, "The driver was arrested for a DUI. Fact. Thanks for trolling though." 

But TikTok user @LigYT69 apparently saw the error of their ways and replied, "My bad, I didn't know, I just said that because I've seen a lot of posts like this and they say it's a drunk driver but half the time they just slipped on snow." 

Both icy conditions on the road and drunk drivers (or drunk drivers in icy conditions) can be very dangerous. Again, that's why it's so important to practice safe driving habits like defensive driving. 

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