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This Snake Car Wrap Is Pretty Sick

.The headlights are a nice touch.

Most people have a favorite animal. Some love them enough to keep them as pets. Others love them enough to tattoo them onto their bodies. This guy loves his favorite animal enough to cover his car with it.

TikTok creator @the_eco_snake posted a video showing off his Mustang wrapped in the coolest skin in the jungle. It is truly impressive.

This Mustang is wrapped completely in a purple snakeskin design. It even has snake eyes has headlight covers that glow when the headlights are on. Seeing this car while out for a drive would be an absolute delight!

Other TikTokers absolutely love this car. "Most beautiful Mustang ever," @therealscion said. "By far my favorite Mustang design," @issyaboiiii1998 said. "Am I tripping or did the eyes move?" @sarrahjenny said. 

A further look at this page reveals that this Mustang originally has an orange snakeskin wrap before the owner changed it to purple. 

On average, a custom car wrap costs a couple thousand dollars and can last anywhere from five to seven years. We don't even want to imagine how much this would have cost.