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Passenger Captures a Literal Shark In the Lane Next to Her

Imagine cruising along and then BAM, shark tank.

It's rare to find a nice little surprise on your daily commute, but this driver seems to have it the jackpot.

TikTok creator @fishingfins shared a video of literal sharks driving beside them. You'll need to see it to fully believe it.

Okay, so, the sharks weren't the ones driving the truck. They were actually being transported in a giant tank, likely to an aquarium or rehabilitation facility. But this is still super dope.

We can't stop watching the video and sharing in these ladies' excitement. Anyone else thinks she sounds like Phoebe Buffay from Friends or Dory from Finding Nemo? Either way, their joy is understandable. This is such a cool thing to see while driving on the freeway.

These shark friends are most likely being transported to an aquarium or rehabilitation facility. It's so cool to think that they're swimming and driving at the same time. Maybe they will tell their other shark friends about all the cool humans they saw on the way.

Other TikTok users were absolutely delighted by the sight. "I love that they gave them a window, they can watch the scenery," @bewareofpossum wrote in the comments section. "I'd cancel all of my plans to follow that truck all day," @johnsmith20010 said.

Our favorite comment is this one by @cfunk.1 from the sharks' point of view: "'There's a person out there! Ahhhhhh!!!! There's another one!'"

Where ever these sharkies end up, we hope they have a great life.