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Watch How the Sun Makes This Car Look Like It Has Legit Scales

This wrap is so trippy!

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Sometimes, the world is a beautiful place. Some car wraps look like fish or dragon scales when hit by the sun at just the right angle, thanks to some clever work by a bunch of engineers and designers. Lucky for us, there’s now video proof that this phenomenon exists.

We've all been there: you're driving down the road and seeing a car that looks covered in scales. A closer look reveals that it's not real scales but rather some wrap job done by a shop to make it look like the car has scales. That's exactly what we have here with this Nissan GT-R—it looks like the bodywork is made of plastic serrated paper, but in reality, they're just decals placed over the bodywork of a very nice sports car.

The creator @iron.toro asked if anyone wanted to drive this car and the comments offered a resounding series of "yes."

"Hell yeah." @Sam

"Dream car." @scarab

The car is wrapped in iridescent vinyl, and the shades of red are so varied that they look like they could move independently. If only more people knew about this phenomenon! If we all started wrapping our cars with dragon-scale wraps—or even fish-scale wraps—we'd have some cool conversations on the road.

We're looking forward to seeing this wrap job completed and seeing how it looks in the sun. It seems like it will be a fun project for sure!

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