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This R8 Body Kit Is Absolutely Stunning

People are obsessed.

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What's not to love about the unveiling of a brand new high end car? It's just stunning to see. It'd take a lot of detailing for any car to match that high level of shimmering glory. Such a spectacle is bound to attract an audience, hence why car shows are so popular. Because if you love cars, why would't you want the chance to see a new one unveiled to the world for the first time?  

Especially if it's anywhere near as gorgeous as the one unveiled in TikTok user @kian_cars' video below... 

That's easily the most beautiful thing we've seen on the internet all day (and we've seen A LOT of stuff on here.) The internet was loving this one. Here's what they had to say.

TikTok user @squill simply remarked, "Looks good is an understatement." (We agree. To say that anything about this Aphrodite of motorized vehicles merely looks 'good', is an understatement.) While TikTok user @Tdaddy posted the question, "What do you call the style of the wheels? They look clean." To which TikTok user @Sam_Wildler_ replied, "Deep dish pizza."  

Giving further praise to this beauty was TikTok user @RWCars, who exclaimed, "Kream developments hit it out the park every time. Looks sick." Continuing the praise was TikTok user @Murry who posted, "...Audi killed it with this one..." While TikTok user @Danny wrote, "I was eating cereal and dropped the bowl because of how good it looks." (It had that kind of affect on us too.)      

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