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Man Decides to “Patch Up” Interior Roof of Car in the Most Punk Rock Way Ever

Angsty teenage hearts are swooning.

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People love finding different ways of decorating their cars. From bumperstickers to decals, spoilers, and even bike racks, many drivers just love to deck out their car with anything that makes their vehicle more personal. And why not? You should feel free to make your car feel as "you" as possible.   

But have you ever seen a car decked out with patches? Check out the video posted by TikTok user @astr0thot to see exactly that...

Well, our inner teenagers are raging to go for a ride inside that bad boy! It's making us feel young (and angsty) and we're absolutely loving it! Here's what the internet had to say.

TikTok user @RamblinCorgi posted the comment, "My ADHD would love it and at the same time be stuck staring, overwhelmed yet stimulated in a cycle of too much and yet everything I'd ever wanted." (Oh, do we ever feel you there @RamblinCorgi.) 

And the love didn't stop there, as TikTok user @AleaJones wrote, "This is car goals."   

While TikTok user @kiki felt she'd found a kindred spirit when it comes to car decorations, "THAT'S AWESOME!! I have pins all over my car like that but I LOVE patches." To which user @astr0thot replied to with an encouraging, creative suggestion, "You should do a mixture of the two!" Which prompted user @kiki to respond, "I think you've inspired me to do just that!" (Don't you just love it when social media brings people together?) 

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