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Mustang Owner Wraps Car In a “Rusty” Design and Honestly We Have Questions

For starters…why?

We've seen our fair share of weird and unsettling car designs, but this one might just take the first-place prize for most questionable. 

TikTok user @mast_wrap_italia posted a video showing one of their latest wrap jobs featuring a Mustang that has been transformed into a junkyard car. It was definitely a choice.

We don't know what bothers us more: this TikToker taking a very expensive car and making it look beaten up and old, or the fact that five minutes of this six-minute TikTok is just a black screen.

Other TikTok users also found this design to be very strange. "I don't get it," @brianakus4 said. "Nice wrap job application, but no!" @auclerx said. "Cool concept, but I can't get over the fact that you took that expensive rise and dirtied it up," @ruthrika said. "Why would you make such a beautiful car look like Mater from Cars?" @themansw1 asked. Now, why you gotta bring Mater into this? He did nothing wrong!

Some people did think that this wrap job was a work of art. "People gonna hate on this, but it looks incredible in my opinion, kinda post-apocalyptic," @brandenwoolf said. "That's fabulous. I love the texture of the crazed paint!" @linzmerrit70 said. Some people in the comments even nicknamed the car "The Rustang."

All jokes aside, @mast_wrap_italia did an amazing job wrapping this Mustang. The attention to detail is incredible and the creativity is to of this world. We'd love to see this car in future movies or music videos.