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Do This the Next Time a Mechanic Tried To Overcharge You

You'll save so much time and money

One of life's essential skills that we are unfortunately not taught are the basics of maintaining our cars. So when something is the slightest bit off, we head off to the mechanic who then overcharges us because we don't know how to solve those issues ourselves. One TikTok creator wants you to know that this is not your only option.

@kristenjayy12 (Kristen) posted a video explaining a hack that can help you save money when your car needs to be fixed. You'll never be scammed by a mechanic ever again.

When a mechanic gave her a ridiculously high quote, Kristen took matters into her own hands. She took a trip to AutoZone and got a Fix Finder from the front desk to help her read the codes on her car. She then started her car and hooked the Fix Finder up to her car. Her socket was under the steering wheel. The Fix Finder took just a few minutes to process her car's information.

After getting her readings, she brought the Fix Finder back inside and had an employee print out a full report on her car. Now she knows exactly what's going on with her car so she can fix it herself or find a mechanic who won't be able to add made-up issues to her order. Genius!

Try this out the next time you're having car problems. It may save you a lot of time and money.