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Man Catches Kid Giving His “Lightning McQueen” Car a Kiss

Um, this is too precious!

The beautiful thing about Disney magic is that it transcends generations. The Pixar movie Cars came out in 2006, a little over a decade and a half ago. The main character, Lightning McQueen, became an icon for car lovers of all ages and still touches their hearts today.

TikTok user @mcqueen_atlanta caught this adorable moment from the window of his house when a little boy and his mom stopped by the life-size Lightning Mcqueen replica parked on his driveway. 

The duo stopped so the boy could strike a pose next to the car and take a quick photo. As they walk to the front end for another angle, the boy leans forward and gives McQueen a little smooch. Cue the tears!

Other TikTok users could not hold back their joy in the comments. "That;s so cute 😂," @sternturtle7791 gushed. "That right there would make everything to go through to make Lightning McQueen totally worth it," @bjoeking said. "You should put a speaker on your car and play [McQueen's voice]. That will make them happier," @aeman suggested. "Find him and take him for a ride please," @heyimjay93 pleaded.

And that's exactly what @mcqueenatlanta did. A few days after posting the first video, he posted a Part 2 revealing that he had found the boy and had taken him for a drive inside Lightning McQueen. 

Core memory unlocked! It's amazing how far humans will go to make other humans happy. That boy will remember this moment for the rest of his life!