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Man Makes Incredible Beats Out of His Lamborghini

The creativity is amazing!

Musicians are constantly showing us that you can make sick beats out of anything. And technology is constantly evolving to help them along. With some household items, a morning commute, or a trip to the grocery store, artists can create an entire song. They just need some creativity and the right equipment.

Musician shared a TikTok showcasing his mixing skill and a beat he created using sounds from his Lamborghini. The end result is jaw-droppingly amazing. starts by gathering sound from his Lamborghini using the voice recording app on his iPhone. He gets the sound of the car revving, of the hood and the trunk opening and closing and even of that annoying bell that reminds you to put your seatbelt on. He then takes his recording to his studio and works his magic. You don't have to know much about producing music to understand the talent that goes behind this work.

TikTok commentors were left in awe. "People are so talented, bruh," @alexsedlak1 said. "Didn't expect it to be that good," @angel_tc45 said. "As a music producer, I realize I got a long way to go," @prod_issa said. 

Some even said should collab with artists like Drake, Lil Baby and Lil Uzi. That's the highest of compliments in the music production world!

This man has some serious talent, and where ever he goes, we wish him the best.