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This Insanely Wide Car Is Not Photoshopped...

This Insanely Wide Car Is Not Photoshopped...

If you think the lanes we drive on are already narrow enough, imagine having to share them with ultra-wide cars. One look at your side view mirrors, and you'll have no choice but to move aside.

An ultra-wide car like this does exist, but you won't have to worry about sharing the road with them any time soon.

In a TikTok, Chinese car enthusiast Yiche Garage showcased his latest project: A Volkswagen Lamando 5XL. This may just be the strangest car you have ever seen, but believe us, it is not photoshopped!

The base model for this unique vehicle is a Volkswagen Lamando, which is only available in the Chinese market. This car is known for its large and spacious structure, marketed as being perfect for families. The general public, according to Yiche Garage, is not a fan

So to irk them even more, he took a Lamando and stretched it so it now sits three meters wide. He says that while the public may hate it, it is the perfect racing car.

This TikTok yielded some mixed reactions from commentators. "Bro what 💀," @momentsgang said. "THAT LOOKS SO CLEAN," @dacowchooman said. "I don't know why, but it makes my eyes hurt," @tomimusic said. "I want one," @hotwheelaerodynamics said.

As someone who comes from a South Asian, immigrant family, I have vivid childhood memories of my family shoving all my siblings and cousins into one car despite the limited space. The Lamando 5XL would be perfect for us. So pack it up, haters!