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This Car Is Apparently Worth $8 Million

And some would argue it is worth every penny..

A super rare sports car is leaving the internet speechless. It could be yours for the small price of $8 million.

@supercarblondie posted a TikTok showcasing a Bugatti Divo. Everything from the design to the features to the speed is unlike anything on the market right now. We can see why it's worth so much.

That is one insane car. 

This Divo, which had a starting price of $6 million, is one of 40 cars to exist in the world, according to @supercarblondie. This means you must be a "very special" Bugatti client to get your hands on one of these.

It has 1,500 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 310 miles per hour. And with a flick of a switch, you can put it in autobahn mode. The headlights are pushed to the very edge of the car to make it look wider and more aggressive.

The car's exterior is divided into two sections, a blue and a white. The blue sections hides everything that makes the car function and the white is purely for design. The split it also in place to make the car look like it's closer to the road. 

The interior is just as impressive. The carbon-fibered doors are covered in sitch work. The passenger and driver seats are separated with a curved divider that lights up. The engine starts up with a beautiful purr.

This car is truly like none other, and considering the fact that there are only 40 in the whole world, it's worth the price.