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Apparently, This Futuristic Car Runs On Hydrogen Using NASA Technology

And it looks so cool.

We think very often about the future, but sometimes don't realize that we are living in it. A lot of the gadgets and gizmos we use now are made from technology our ancestors could never have imagined. We're just so used to having these little luxuries that make our lives so convenient that we spend our time yearning for the technology of the future. We may not pay attention to the fact that new technology is emerging around us every day.

This technology includes state-of-the-art, hydrogen-run hypercars that use NASA technology and look like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie. This car screams "futuristic," and soon, we might see them all over the place. This TikTok by @supercarblondie gives you an up-close look.

We cannot get over how cool this car is. The design alone reminds us of the Batmobile. This car runs on oxygen, emitting water vapor instead of pollution. When you power it up by placing the key in its designated compartment, you are greeted by a soothing robotic voice.

Other TikTok users were just as blown away. "Now THAT is the look and sound of futuristic cars that I imagined when I was younger," @jonny5nz. "THIS IS THE FUTURE," @stevestat said. "If everyone can afford it, we are so close to the future that we all dream," @cruelblackwings.

Hydrogen cars typically tend to be cheaper than electric cars (though maybe not this one), and they can play a huge role in fighting climate change and eliminating pollution caused by fossil fuels. The future is playing out before our eyes, and we are so excited about it!