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Honda Accord Gets a Sick Upgrade

We’d drive that!

Newer cars might get all the attention, but don't underestimate the value of older cars. They may not be as slick and shiny, but with a little love, you can transform them into anything you want. And since you will most likely be the last owner of that car, you can go as hard as you want when giving your baby a makeover.

TikTok user Chyle Serrano (cs.accord) became something like a fairy godmother to their old rusty Honda Accord. With some much-needed love and attention, the car made a rags-to-riches transformation. The before and after will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

Let's appreciate this sleek new design. @cs.accord took a black Honda Accord that seemed to be on its last legs and gave it a second chance at life. Now, this beauty is blanketed with soft baby blue paint with a glossy finish, complete with new tires sporting some stunning rims. We are obsessed!

Other TikTok users could not get over this transformation. "This shade of blue with the rims. . . Oh my," @poptart_g0d said. "Cleanest Honda on TikTok," @sunbug1974 said. "People don't understand the [phrase] 'project car' until they see the finished product," @is350paradise1 observed. "DEFINITION OF TRUST THE PROCESS NOICE CAR BRO," @donpopo10 said.

Let this be a metaphor for life. Everything has potential if you keep an open mind. Don't turn your nose up at something just because it looks like it's beyond saving. You'll be surprised at how rewarding a little bit of effort can be.