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Every Tesla Owner Needs to See This Man’s ‘Hidden Menu” Discovery

It’s especially clutch for the winter.

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Teslas are some pretty luxurious rides. And who doesn't like cruising around in a luxury car if they can? After all, they do come with some pretty nifty features and hacks to make your driving experience one of a kind. 

One particular hack that's pretty cool is demonstrated in a video posted by TikTok user @astateoftech. Check it out below... 

That's a very convenient hack, especially come winter time. (Makes us wish we had a Tesla.) Here's what the internet had to say. 

Some people were really loving this tip, like TikTok user @Cmoney who posted, "Whoa! This is gonna save so much time!" 

While others apparently had a bone to pick with how Tesla's designed the screen system in their cars. Arguing for a more streamlined display for their car's various functions. As TikTok user @RubiX commented, "Imagine your car is becoming a phone and you need to think about where to place icons. Just make it logical from the factory. I'm using it to drive." (That's certainly a fair point. At the end of the day, cars are for driving.)

And they weren't the only one, with TikTok user @JS also singling out Tesla's screen set up as an issue when they posted, "That's a lot of tapping around for something that should not be an issue." To which user @Mike_n_Cheese added on in agreement,"God that's so complicated. Give me a good dedicated button that I don't have to look for."

Given how convoluted that set up is, this certainly seems to be a great hack that can simplify any Tesla owners driving experience. 

What do you think Tesla owners?    

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