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Apparently, This Is the Most Hated Car On the Internet

But this interview might be changing minds.

The internet has a lot of opinions about a lot of things. We are constantly exposed to new ideas and the amount of information we consume in a single hour is, sometimes, very alarming. So when you post something weird or controversial on TikTok, you'll probably come across comments from people having a strong reaction to your content.

When TikTok user and car enthusiast Luke from @stancypants.rx8 found this out the hard way when he posted his Mazda RX-8. This very unique car rides low to the ground and has a fun underglow. But the aspect that make sit really unique are the tires. They are angled outward.

Many TikTok users were quick to share their opinions. In this interview with @alex.martini__, Luke addressed the haters with a beautiful message.

Luke said he built his car in an unconventional manner, despite the haters, simply because he wanted to. "I don't care what you drive," he said. "You drive your car because you want to drive your car. I drive my car because I want to drive it."

That is such an eloquent way to say, "Mind your own business, and do what makes you happy." We approve of this message!

Folks in the comments had nothing but good words to say about Luke. "He's so down-to-earth," @robertson_5.9 said. "I don't see why people hate, honestly." "Okay I thought it was ridiculous before but now I have mad respect," @j0k3r_24__ said.

Everyone has a reason, a story, behind why they do what they do. Consider that before posting your opinions, good or bad, underneath a stranger's video.