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The Color of This GT86 Has Car Enthusiasts Salivating

It’s absolutely perfect.

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If you're in the market for a Toyota GT86, you might have noticed multiple color schemes available for this vehicle. It's a sports car, which means it's designed to stand out from the crowd—but not necessarily in a bad way. It can be fun to make your own statement with your vehicle, whether that means an outlandish paint job or just something subtle like this one.

But are you looking for something with performance chops and personality that won’t break the bank? Look no further than this custom Toyota GT86 from Japan. It’s one of those rare times where affordability meets function without sacrificing style or flair — and that’s why this particular model has caught our attention - and that of the internet.

"Cleanest build ever." @imSoju

"It's so clean." @Tyler

"Usually hate on these but this this is clean." @tristan

It's not a show-offy color—it doesn't seem to be screaming, "look at me!" or trying too hard to stand out from the crowd. It blends in just enough so that there are no complaints about being too loud or obnoxious while still making itself known with enough personality that people will notice it when they get close enough (and if you're really into cars).

While not everyone’s first choice, this GT86 is sure to stand out from the crowd by not standing out from the crowd: A nice car with a clean color option. It might not be everyone’s first choice, but it got people talking.

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