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Man Tests What Tesla Sounds Like Driving on Grass and It’s Eerily Quiet

You can’t hear a thing.

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The first thing my Dad ever told me about cars was to always listen for them because sometimes it's easier to hear them than it is to see them. I found this out the hard way when I was in high school. I had just walked out of the parking lot and was about three feet into the residential street that neighbored my school when I heard the muffled vroom of an engine nearing me from behind. The car was only going about 25 miles per hour, and I was able to maneuver enough so that only my shoulder got clipped by the driver's side mirror. The driver didn’t see me (they were preoccupied with an important phone call, at least that's what they told the police) so thank GOD I heard the engine and was able to react accordingly. I don't want to imagine what would've happened if I hadn't heard that car coming. 

If the above scared you (like it did me) then be warned, TikTok user @ryanjaycowan's video might be a bit unnerving to watch (and to hear.) 


TikTok user @robbie68914 replied to the video, "What happens I didn't hear anything." While user @zarksy echoed that observation in a darkly humorous fashion, commenting, "A Quiet Place sponsored by Tesla", in reference to the sci-fi horror movie about Alien creatures that kill anything that makes a sound, forcing humans to be silent to survive. 

Some people commented that other hybrid cars are silent like this too, as @sazziemane noted, "My hybrid car does the same thing." And @StringMelon22 said, "Well, yeah it's electric..." 

Some electric cars do make a humming noise though, so you can hear them coming towards you (and you should always be able to hear cars coming towards you.) I'm just grateful the person who almost hit me in high school wasn't driving that Tesla in the video.  

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