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Woman Commits to Sending State Farm Claims Department a Daily Hot Wheels Video Defending Her Accident

She has a point

A TikTok user recently involved in a collision has a creative and hilarious method of getting through to an insurance provider's claims department.

User Marie Laveau (@marielaveau84) sustained damage to her car when another vehicle turned into her lane without warning and scraped the front left corner of her car. Because she can't afford to fix her car at the moment, Laveau filed a claim with State Farm, the offending party's provider, but hasn't heard back. 

So to get through to them, she sends them a reenactment of the accident every day using a pair of Hot Wheels.

While this is entertaining to watch, we can understand Laveau's frustration, especially since she wasn't at fault for the collision.

"State Farm Insurance has a trash record for paying claims and I'm one of their newest victims," Laveau wrote in the caption of the video. "Their insured driver turned across my lane and I hit them in their back right side with my front left side. State Farm says they were in the same lane but the damage says otherwise."

Other users in the comments shared similar issues they had with State Farm. "I was an adjuster for USAA. State Farm was my least favorite to negotiate with," @cpt_tyrannei said. "I’m an adjuster for a smaller insurance company and State Farm will deny so quickly. Your best bet is to file with your carrier," @meganmcgrade said. "You can also file a bad faith claim with your state's insurance commission on the premise of an incomplete investigation."

We hope Laveau's is able to have this issue resolved soon!