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Man Makes Pigs Literally Fly With Exhaust Pipe

So random, yet, so funny

This man has made the impossible happen in the funniest way. If you tell him "that'll happen when bigs fly,' he'll say, "Bet."

TikTok user posted this hilarious video putting a play on a popular phrase. It has us in a fit of giggles. stuffed a squeaking pig toy into the exhaust pipe and launched it out the end. Don't ask us how many times, we've watched this. The number is too embarrassing to say in public. The sound the pig makes has us cackling every time.

Other TikTok users could not get over their delight. "It screams in agony before being launched 😂," @big_pelican09 wrote in the comments. "Bro had to build up boost 💀," @hotdogwithlickles said. "How often do you want to watch it? Me: Yes," @max.o9.o3 said. "Those were its last words," @mxnty.jpn said. Rest in peace, squeaky pig.

This isn't the first time put a fun little toy in his exhaust pipe. He actually had a whole series where he would launch various objects out of the pipe, including a rubber chicken and a Santa Claus toy.

He hasn't posted one of these videos in a while but promises that there are more to come, just not at the usual volume. He said that due to responsibilities in his personal life, he hadn't had the time to make these videos but he will try again very soon.

We wish him all the best and cannot wait for the return of this hilarious series.